Truly Disappointing

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My Self-Imposed Exile Is Over

ok im back, please hold your applause.

now for an update- got new job, realized i hate new job, realized i want totally different new job. got on meds and went to counselor, im "stable" now. had a brief relationship with a decent nice guy and went through an amicable and no drama breakup. almost bought a house in the boondocks i couldnt really afford but decided not to. contemplated getting a kitty addition to the family but have realized i can barely handle the poo situation without a third furry ass to clean up after. gotten back into avid reading of books, its a good thing. still have generalized wanderlust fever and persistent niggling case of the not satisfieds.

so yes, im working up to updating my resume and looking for a "real" job. my dad is quite pleased about that needless to say. i even got a book to help me out- "I Dont Know What I Want, But I Know Its Not This." the title pretty much sums up my state of mind right now. i changed working environments to a much healthier one but im still not very happy. its totally the job. being a cop is not challenging. literally a monkey could do it. you can only be treated like total shit by the public on a daily basis for so long before it kinda gets old. and ive been doing it for over 4 years. put a fork in me im done. ding! so yes, im contemplating completely dumping my idealism and morals and venturing out into the (gasp!) corporate world to get an "adult" job. it would be nice to wear regular clothes to work for a change and make some bank.

im thinking about looking for jobs involving writing of some kind. i do it well, its what i learned in college and grad school, and i can write the fuck out of anything that needs to be written (thank you oprah's lov-ah, steadman!). that or a paralegal job just cause i have my law degree and the bank is usually good. and i wouldnt mind leaving georgia either. perhaps washington or colorado? and dammit im gonna live downtown wherever i end up and im gonna live somewhere hep just because. but alas that continuing dream of achieving hepness is a topic for another post.

alright, time to read my career self-help book and prepare myself for what i assume will be an atrocious season premier of gilmore girls. ugh, et tu lorelai?