Truly Disappointing

Friday, May 26, 2006

Be safe.....

Happy Memorial Day everyone; be safe, and enjoy the long weekend!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

I am loved.

No, not the screaming through the bedroom walls type of love, but it's awesome just the same. My S-I-L called me today. He has a job lead for me. Talked to one of his suppliers, pumped me up to THEM, and I am now taking resume's along with me this weekend. THEY are looking for someone JUST LIKE ME. awwwwwww. Don't know if it'll come to fruition (did I even USE the term or SAY it right? don't care), don't know what it would pay & if I could live on the wages - a.k.a. accept the job if offered, but it's worth a shot. GOOD THOUGHTS. And the good news? (besides it's a job that's NOT the one I have now)'s not in Alaska. Or Russia. Or B.F.E. of any variety. It's 45 minutes from where the fam lives. Not just daughter, heart squatters, parents (good & bad)......but also the S-I-L. He knows it, & STILL recommended me. Life is good. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Stitch Stitch Stitch

ok, i have a serious problem. im addicted to cross stitch. everyone always tells me i need to get a hobby so i thought, well, what could i do. i have a cross stitch i was doing years ago for kt's graduation that ive never quite finished so i thought, hey, i could maybe finish it eventually. of course i went to the crack dealer, Michaels, and bought a couple new cross stitches, but ill finish that other one eventually. i so cannot put it down. im doing this small butterfly one and im obsessed. its a disease, seriously.

im like a machine, stitch stitch stitch. i dont know whats come over me, seriously. i just want more more more. and then ive also contemplated returning to crochet. oh yes, crochet. i just havent bought the supplies yet. im obsessesd with the girl arts. how could this be?! next thing you know ill be sewing or something. actually, i really wanna learn quilting. maybe ill try that next. but seriously, im gonna finish the projects im starting. thats imperative.

and funny enough, i found this book with naughty cross stitch patterns in it. instead of home sweet home they say things like go fuck yourself and stuff. hilarious! way to subvert the girl arts yo! btw, if anybody knows of any places you can order goofy cross stitch stuff like that lemme know. id love to do some naughty porno cross stitch or something equally as hilarious.

so yeah. my name is susan and im addicted to cross stitch. how bizzare.....