Truly Disappointing

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Saturdays are for Berets

Sending *good date vibes* out to Susan - have an awesome time, girl!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Mental Jukebox

Kt and I are proposing a new blog. So, if you are reading this, you are either extremely bored or you like us. Go check it out and join us! We like group things. And we like challenges.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Thoughts about thoughts

All I wanted to do today was make an entry on the blog. But I can't come up with an original thought. So I will give commentary on Kt's thoughts.

A. Limericks are fun. I should have been a leprechaun but, I'm too tall.

B. The egg trick is a myth.

C. Love, love, love, love, love the polka dots. I especially like the fact that all our names sit so nicely all in one blue dot. Just like earth is one blue dot in the universe, our little blog is just one blog on the internet.

D. Who?
I love lawn mowing.

E. Your mom will be so happy.

F. It's not sunny on the second day of spring. And it is cold. Fuck.

G. Hot tubbing with Kt is fun. Muscle work was better last night. I don't know if I am gaining strength or maybe it was the hot tub. But I'm not nearly as sore today as I was last Tuesday. Three classes down.....7 to go.

H. It's spooky, I tell ya! Kt and C are way too much alike. And yes, she has become a haiku machine. She really should re-write the century code in haiku.

I. Just go check it out yourself. Ooga Ooga Ooga

J. mmmm, chicken.

K. It was FDR.

L. Amen. That also goes for when you call a customer service number.

M. mmmm, cake.

N. Gee, if school really was like sex, I'd go all the time.

O. Berets are okay. But really, only with the uniform. Otherwise you look like a dork.

P. I don't want to be an astronaut. But I would like to work on the Enterprise. Preferably under Commander Riker. Right under him.

Q. And now, I gotta go be somewhere I don't want to be.

Monday, March 20, 2006

17 thoughts I've thought on a Monday

Let me preface this: I didn't get much sleep after getting in so late after the boogie-down session out at the Oar on Saturday, so I was useless yesterday and could have slept three more hours this morning. So if I don't make sense, I blame that.

A. Kudos to Cathy on thinking in limericks in the shower. I understand. I do some of my best thinking in the shower.

B. Today is spring. There is snow on the ground. Our spring picnic had to be held indoors at my kitchen table, but Cathy set her cell phone to surprise us with the Hallelujah chorus at 12:26 pm, the official beginning. We forgot to try the egg trick.

C. Kudos to Susan for the polka dots. I love polka. And dots, though not so much the candy.

D. There were two good songs on Moz's last album. I was disappointed. I will wait for Susan's verdict, plus I'm broke enough that CDs are not on the "to be purchased" list. A lawn mower is.

E. I'm thinking of keeping the crazy oven. It's a nicer appliance than I would ever buy -- a Kitchen Aid toaster oven -- and the one I have is easy to set on fire. Although if you asked my grad school roommates, I just have a knack for setting toasters on fire. I got actual flames going in KK's one time.

F. At least it's sunny on the first day of spring.

G. After the muscle work class tonight, Cathy and I are hot tubbing. And no, don't let all these comments about us make you think we really smurf each other that way. But it's a good joke. She did kiss me on Saturday, but we just discovered that that's entertainment.

H. I added a few links. Cathy thinks Christopher, of My List and Haiku Movie Reviews, is my long-lost twin because we sound a lot alike (and because after discovering the movie reviews, I've been haikuing WAY TOO MUCH.)

I. If anyone can explain the German fascination with David Hasselhoff to me, I'd be much obliged. Personally, I think it's because he gets stuck in your head. But that's just me.

J. I love chicken. It makes a good picnic.

K. My fears are stupid. That was a topic last week on My List. 5 things I fear. I fear moths and driving across bridges when there may be ice. But since I will die by slipping in the bathtub, I can't die by driving off a bridge accidentally. Besides, I know the engineers who make bridges and they calculate normal forces on the guard rails and there's little to no chance that my Civic could breach the concrete. So TR was right: there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Or was that FDR?

L. When you call an office, as a member of the general public, please pause before dialing and figure out what your question is. The public servants of the world will thank you for the effort.

M. I love cake. I have an unholy love of cake lately. I don't need to eat it all the time or anything, but I'm fascinated by the many forms it can take. Cupcakes are perfection -- personal cakes in a handheld size.

N. School is good. Everyone should go for a while. Some of us just go for longer and for more degrees than others think is absolutely necessary. It's like sex though -- if it makes you happy, it can't be that bad (thanks Sheryl).

O. Berets don't do it for me. But I can't make fun of anyone else's fetishes (and yes, I'm using the term loosely).

P. Not everyone can be an astronaut when they grow up.

Q. Wherever you go, there you are.

I Am Haunted For Wanting

btw, morrissey's new album drops april 4th. im sure it will totally blow like his last one, but hey, being a moz fan is like being a cubs fan sometimes, ya know. love the pic though. ive heard a few songs from the album that i downloaded. i could use a few new fabulous lines to quote. come on moz im countin on ya, i know you can do it.....

They Come in All Sorts of Pretty Colors and Designs Those Berets!

aight, so me and my newest beret sportin army boy, raiden (pronounced rye-den), have thus far spoken on the phone thrice i believe. its been pretty good. a little too much giggling and ranting on my part i think but he says hes thoroughly enjoyed it. hes called numerous times because he just had to talk to me. apparently im "easy to talk to." ive been getting that quite a bit lately and ive been pondering it. is it because im really open conversationally and so people feel comfortable talking to me? is it some bizarre mojo i picked up somewhere? its just really funny. after all i got dave the vet tech guy to admit on our first (and only!) date that he fucked a deaf girl without realizing she was deaf. i should really be deployed to iraq to gather intel from detainees. lol! i of course would demand a beret. probably a blue one because i like blue and it highlights my eyes.

so yeah, he seems pretty cool. its hard to tell over the phone sometimes though. i can so read people better in person. hes smart though and hes been through a shitload of ninja schools in the army including airborne and halo (high altitude/low open) school. and he totally dropped a vocab bomb on me tonight and damn if i cant remember the word. it was exotic even for my average usage and it was good. lol! and he seems very mature. of course three deployments and, i discovered tonight, not one but two helo crashes will do that to a fella. hes either blessed or cursed that guy with the helicopters! lol!

so yeah hes asked me out this saturday. he seems very motivated and honestly interested which is a nice change. he seems like a standup guy who wouldnt bail. that would be a nice change too. oh and it turns out hes got two, count em, TWO berets!!! yes! ones red from airborne school and the other is the black special forces one in the pic. i mentioned my recent beret fetish and he laughed. yes, i am a silly silly girl.

i could really use some positive and fun male attention right now. ill call it the marilyn monroe syndrome (or mms for short). i go through these phases where im cool as is and then theres times like right now where im suffering from mms and could use a boost from the opposite sex. a good first date and hopefully a follow-up would go a long way right now. and i hope hes as cute and fun as he seems. and i hope he thinks im the same. fingers crossed yo.

im sure we shall talk several more times on the phone before our date saturday. we'll see how that goes. so far, so good.....

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Blog Jackin'

the sad thing is i did actually have better stuff to do, but i jacked around with the blog instead. lemme know how yall like it. im just glad i finally figured out how to get rid of that extra dotted grey line after the contributors section. that always friggin bugged the shit out of me yo.

and damn my tivo for not recording dr who. tivo has been put into quiet time and promises not to fuck up again. hes making sure he records the replay this evening. good tivo, good boy.

the malaise is striking again.....

"someone left the cake out in the rain
and i dont think that i can take it
'cause it took so long to bake it
and ill never have that recipe again,
oh noooooo!"

-Richard Harris, 'MacArthur's Park'

more on this fucked up song later.....