Truly Disappointing

Thursday, March 02, 2006

When I Was Your Age

Interesting perspective (or should I say retrospective), K. Let me see if I can match your same time periods with the inconsequential details of my life.

Three years ago, I was either at the bitter end of my last relationship, or right in between relationships. Good to know I can barely remember those times now.

Ten years ago, I was in my third year at Tech, which means I had probably started dating my college gf right about then. Strange, but good times.

Two years ago, I was in the full swing of and Yahoo! Dating. I met some very interesting women, but none that were worth any sort of follow-up until I met Holly.

Eight years ago, I graduated from Tech and moved back down to Central Florida (Tampa) to work for GTE (Verizon). It was the first time in my life I was completely self-sufficient. I couldn't have been more proud of myself for no longer being a burden on my parents.

Five years ago, I had been promoted to the job I'm still at right now. That was probably the best time for me career-wise. Other, higher-paying jobs were prevalent and I reaped the benefits of the company trying to keep it's people happy. No upward mobility around these parts anymore...

Twenty years ago, I had been in Orlando for a little over a year and was still suffering the effects of culture shock coming from an all-white private school to a majority-black public school. Life was not good for me then. That's when I realized I truly didn't fit anywhere. In those days, social outcasts were my best friends.

Lost in here somewhere are my visit to you in Oregon and that day you called me on the phone out of the blue. I want to say Oregon should go in "five years ago" and the phone call should go in about "three years ago", or have I just become senile?

It's fun being old.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

the numbers game

As I type, Lisa Loeb, off the Lilith Fair album, comes on with "I Do." Great song. I do love it. And yes, I know that there was more than one LF album. I only have one, however, and I'd bet none of the rest of you have one so I'm safe here. Good concert, btw.

The numbers game.

Three years ago I started work at my current job. I'm vested now.
One year ago I first looked at my house.

Ten years ago, I was finishing up my first year of college and contemplating living with Susan next year. I hadn't met anyone else on the blog.

Two years ago, Cathy and I had started drinking together.

Eight years ago, Mark and I may have been getting to know one another again. But probably not yet -- we'd met, parted, and I don't think we were at moving on yet.

Five years ago, I was in the midst of grad school and single but looking.

Twenty years ago, I was a miserable middle school student who hated, hated, hate Georgia and third grade.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Thoughts and comments

I bought my house because I wanted to own something and take that mental leap of putting down some roots. I like to move. I like the freedom. I like the lack of strings. At the same time, I was tired of living in borrowed spaces.

I'd say buy. But because you're ready and want to. It costs way more than you think it will. It takes up more of your time than you think it will. I suck at lawn care, so my lawn doesn't look all that great. But I'm okay with that (not being a perfectionist and all). And don't do it for investment purposes. You may get lucky like MP. You may not.

Don't buy something too big -- we humans are like gases and fill the available space.


On Pinky's comment. Yep, I know. This is one of the reasons I don't end up having long-term relationships. Or not a permanent one, at least. I'm not there yet, maybe. Maybe there is a "There" that you hit when you're ready to give up some space to get the benefits of The Relationship. I'm not into compromise right now. I'm in a self-centered place in my life where everything needs to be about me figuring things out. Not sure if that's good or bad, it just is right now.

Girl, I'll House You

To house, or not to house, that is the question. I got lucky. Bought on a whim for no particular reason other than I figured I should invest in something. Sold mine for about 150% of purchase price after three years. Now I've bought a much bigger house that comes with a much bigger price tag. The idea is to get married and raise a family there, so I wasn't so much concerned with immediate rise in value. Anyway, my point is you never know. You could buy a house and not really get much out of it, and there are plenty of maintenance costs that YOU have to pay for versus an apartment. If you do decide to get a house, consider getting a condo/townhome if you don't want to deal with the lawn, which I'm realizing can be a complete task within itself. But you could buy a place that shoots up in value, like my old townhome, and then not only do you have a place to live, you've managed to make some money, too! But you should be PREPARED to make this jump, there will be many things associated with buying a house that you will need to be on top of. My advice is to find a good realtor to work with, unless you understand property law and all sorts of other gibberish no one is going to bother to explain to you.

Jai was right AND Lisa is not me.

I finally saw some of Lisa Loeb's new show (which, for the record, would make anyone feel less awkward about their own dating mishaps). I saw the episode with Jai Rodriguez, who is everywhere right now, where he talks about cat people and dog people. Lisa is looking for a dog guy.

I am cat people. I seek cat people.

I need someone whose heart is not on his sleeve. I need a self-sufficient, occasionally self-obsessed person who needs alone time and gives me time alone, too. And sometimes, I want to cuddle. But not always and not constantly.

I like my own space. I own a house and don't want to move and don't want someone to move in with me. I like my schedule, which allows downtime and time with other people. I don't want to spend every minute of every day with someone -- but I do want to look forward to the time I do choose to spend with someone who is special. And I mean that of friends, too.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Curler Boyfriends

hey now, i deserve two canadian curler boyfriends. im officially taking daniels bf now. i get an eh in one ear and an och in another. i could go so many places with that but i ah och! and you know, i bet these guys would be great bfs. theyre normal guys with normal lives. well except for the whole curling in the olympics thing. we are so totally going to bmidji! how geeky is that?? lol! i bet theyre in the friggin phonebook too. lol! ill google them. i love technology. and curling! i love curling boys!

as for tv, dude you can never have enough tv. i need to buy you a tivo. once you make friends with tivo youll never go back. and shit, dr who is cool. its bout time we got good sci fi round heres yo.

ok, im asking for advice now. im thinking of maybe buying a house. yahoo news says theres significant slowing of housing sales and people are looking to offload new houses however they can. other than kts suggestion of taking it slowly, what other advice yall got? im tired of putting off things i wanna do because of some bullshit hopes of escaping. i do hope to eventually move on to bigger and brighter things but frankly im not in the physical or mental state to really pull it off successfully right now. so i might as well build up my credit history right? what do yall think, go for it or stay in the holding pattern??

man aint tech great? im typing this from my patrol car. i finally got my wifi card to work and found a great place to steal bandwidth from in my area. gotta love it. argh matey, make room for this pirate beyotch yo!

Sunday, February 26, 2006


I was planning an actual post, which will have to be posted later, as I see that it's 10 minutes to 2 and I'm supposed to be at Cathy's two-ish. I have a stop at the drugstore for more drugs first. I'll be late. C is used to that.

Thoughts? I don't need more TV to watch, I just need it spread out more.

I hate sewing my knitting and therefore am not done with my 'lympics project. Yet. Sigh. I did screw it up big on Friday night, but have undone the damage since. Bah.

The Constant Gardener: Ralph Fiennes is still hot. Movie? Dull. Much like the book was. I'm over John LeCarre and it only took a few weeks.