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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Yes, I Am a Technology Junkie

so i got up super early today for no reason and went and bought me a new phone. my bastard cat, ness, decided he was gonna chew through my earpiece wire so i needed to replace that. but i decided to get a new phone because as i was paying my verizon bill online i noticed that my free every 2 years was up so i can get a free phone as of a couple days ago. so i dragged my ass to the verizon store and bought myself a fancy new razr. i basically got the razr for free but had to buy the extra pack with the carrier and charger etc. i also got a bluetooth ear thingy. and no i will not be wearing it around in my ear like im fucking uhura from star trek thank you very much. i friggin hate that.

so i spent a while figuring out how to download music ringtones. good times. right now my phone plays the charlies angels theme when it rings. i set it up to play a song from Rent when kt calls and it plays the peoples court theme as a ringback song. ringback is what you hear instead of ringing when you call me. i picked the peoples court cause it fuckin made me laugh every time i listened to it. perhaps its the melodrama of it. when i get a voicemail it plays voices carry by til tuesday. love that song. i was thinking of downloading something from fiddler on the roof for when my jewish friend calls. good fucking times yo! lol!

so yeah i have left the cell phone dark ages now. go me! who knew phones could be so much fun?


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