Truly Disappointing

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

We Apparently Have A Verdict

well seems that aunt flo decided to make a visit this afternoon. naturally i did not have a tampon near so i had to make do for a little while. im so putting some tampons in the bathroom at the precinct from now on. so yes i am not with child. which is probably a good thing! lol! and this means that i can give garrett the big middle finger. i hope something explodes near you in iraq and your snatch gets blown off. and yes, lesson learned. ok, many lessons learned here.

and yeah despite the fact that the world is a boy buffet im feelin very dissatisfied with the choices out there right now. im just not vibing with anything on the menu. sadly theres a couple really cute guys at work, but alas they are either married or engaged. tis a pity. but of course i dont need that kind of drama at a new place anyways so its a good thing. though there is one who is single and hes in a different unit. oh well, i got more stuff to worry bout in the next few weeks anyways. lol!

but speaking of work its going well. so far i havent felt my soul being sucked out of my body so thats a good thing. i generally laugh quite a bit lately at work. theyve got me moving to evening hours in dispatch the next two days so maybe i wont be so tired. and i managed to show proficiency with my firearm and shotgun so thats a good thing. hopefully things will keep rolling in a good way.

in other news, kt and i are speaking again. i finally got tired of it and called her and she actually answered. of course there was no mention of the hiatus and thats just fine. this is typical of our relationship, we have a period of seperation and then we come back together like nothing was wrong. no worries. i do need to figure out a bday present for her to make up for the last few bdays and xmases. yeah im bad about that kind of thing but i always end up sending something pretty good eventually. lol! she has in fact requested a lawn boy that can fan her and do needed chores around the house. funny enough, i could probably find somebody down in norcross, some poor mexican dude lookin for a job. maybe not quite what she was lookin for. lol! the search continues.

anyways, thats bout it lately. course im still havin sleep issues. we shall see how it goes tonight since i dont have to be up until late. fingers are crossed. and btw, i looked great in my new uniform. go me!


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