Truly Disappointing

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Vagina Vegas

well period watch 2006 continues. no sign yet but i did purchase a lovely three pack of the ept test and so far it says negativo. i figure ill wait a few more days and roll the dice again. im split about the whole thing. part of me wants yes because i think it could be a cool situation and part of me wants no because garrett has gone and disappeared again and i just dont need the drama. cutting bait is the plan if its negative. go off to iraq and get blown up or whatever yo, aint my probs.

as for the new job, its going well. im getting along with everyone. ive been learning dispatch for the last few days and its fairly fun. im doin ok on it. tomorrow i shoot with my new gun and holster. i like the new holster a lot. hopefully that will go well. next week i go out on the road. good times. stressful, but good. so yeah, so far its been a good time. i need to go and put my new uniform together and make sure i got everything and all that jazz. should be interesting to see myself in a whole new getup. good times yo. ill keep yas updated.

other than that, ive just been tryin to chill yo. i still keep having trouble staying asleep especially later in the morning hours. totally blows. i had some kind of wacko dream too but i cant remember. ive even been using the prescription sleepy pills my psychiatrist gave me but they arent keeping my asleep. not cool. hopefully that will work itself out eventually.

anyways, happy birthday kt. i owe you like 4 or 5 holidays worth of gifts now. pretty soon itll be a bentley's worth of swag. im so bad about that but i always come through eventually. i got your 6 yo.

anyways, its time to chill the fuck out yo.