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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Vag Doc

well i did my psych eval today. it consisted of three written test thingies and an interview. the test thingies are always amusing to me and i even laughed out loud a few times. do you hear voices in your head? um, no. lol! and the interview thing went well. i was downright bubbly. at 8am. yeah i know, amazes me too. lol! ive noticed ive been more bubbly lately. perhaps i am a bubbly person. who knew? so at the end of th einterview the shrink guy told me there shouldnt be a problem. well i hope not yo. so yeah, he sends the results to them this week or something. hopefully that means i get the phone call with the offer next week. i am not a patient person yo. seriously, lets get this party started.

one little thing though, as i walked in to do the psych eval i saw a familiar face there. it was a sgt who taught in my academy and who recently "retired" from the dept. well in reality he was kicked out of the special unit he was in charge of and that pissed him off so he left. he is a major asshole. i described him as being sanctimonious in an anonymous course eval during the academy and he figured out it was me who wrote that and hes never let go of it since. he teaches classes and will tell people about the whole sanctimonious thing. seriously bro, let it go. but it is true. hes a major cock and turns out he also doesnt believe women should be cops. he would sexually harass a buddy of mine who worked for him in the special unit. we're talking shit like you need to bake me cookies every week etc etc. real misogynist shit. so yeah hes applied at the same place and apparently going through the process. i have my fingers crossed he doesnt make it. though if he does i hope i get hired first so ill have seniority over him. wouldnt that be a laugh? or if i got promoted over him. serious retribution yo. but i really wanted to get away from all of that evil toxic bullshit but here it comes around again. hopefully they will figure out hes a fucker. its not hard to tell once he opens his mouth. so yeah we shall see.

and in other unhappy news, i have my gyno appt tomorrow morning. i hate spreading my legs for my doc but its gotta be done considering im overdue for the checkup i was supposed to go do like a year ago. i hate going to the doctor especially the vag doc. ugh. but alas the shits gotta be done. oh what fun. and i do need a refill on my birth control and asthma meds. gotta love it. and its at 1030 am. ugh ugh ugh. im no good till after noon. fuck.

i started a new cross stitch yesterday. its a huge one thats gonna take forever. im focusing on the journey and not the final destination. im trying to take more time doing it and being organized on the back of the piece and everything. its going along well so far, slowly, but well.

well i gotta hit the rack here soon if im gonna get up at the ass crack of dawn tomorrow for the vag doc. just when i was getting back into my night schedule. oh well.


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