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Sunday, June 11, 2006

The CUTEST thing. awwww

So I've been visiting the kids since Wednesday, & helping K with Heart Squatter #2's 1st birthday. FUN. Not the point. Friday, while SIL was working & K worked 1/2 day, the grandkids & I had fun playing by NO rules (a.k.a. funtime with Grandma). Dog Max was outside playing with neighbor dog, having dogday fun times. THEN, I hear thunder. Max does NOT like thunder. Well, I guess in all the funtime-having with kids inside, I did not hear the 1st thunder. Max did. By the time I heard it, he was GONE. I couldn't find him anywhere. Heart squatter #1 was outside calling him like crazy, about to get hysterical because he LOVES this dog. A boy & his dog ya' know. K came home from work, my Mom came out (we were all heading to "the city" for last minute shopping)........& no dog. You can't go shopping in the city with a missing dog. So we searched. and called. and called. and searched. K, HS #1 & I walked through the forest & woods, up hills, down valleys, talked to neighbors, no dog. Now K's crying. I had JUST been called the BEST babysitter EVER. notsomuch anymore I'm thinking. I've never walked so much in my LIFE. Pouring rain, I'm in sandals & out of my pj's & in DECENT GOING TO TOWN CLOTHES with my hair done & make-up on for goodness sakes......& wet. Soaked to the bone WET. SIL & my Dad came out to help search. During a stop in the house to dry off, make more phone calls & check messages, HS #1 went & got paper (on his own) & wrote this note to put up all over.......he then took it to the printer which (NOBODY knew this prior) makes color copies, & made a bunch. I've crossed out his name & part of the phone number, but you get the message. TOO cute. (Max was found...some nice guy MILES UP THE ROAD had seen him in the middle of the road looking lost & taken him home to safety) (neighbor dog was NO help in the search & cannot be trusted to bring Max home safely any more)


  • Way to lose the dog. Geez.

    Still can't believe the baby is a year old already. Another Geez.

    Sounds like you guys had fun though!

    By Blogger Cooth, at 4:18 PM  

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