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Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Stroke Man

wow. well, i had a great date weekend. yep, weekend. tom came up saturday evening. we hung out some talking and then grabbed some food at ihop. we actually argued about whether or not choco chip pancakes were more breakfast or more dessert because of the inclusion of the choco chips. i invented the breakfast/dessert spectrum and the argument began. it was fabulous. he kept up and was into the whole argument. seriously, it rocked. i laughed so much. after ihop we went to kroger and grabbed some rootbeer and ice cream for later. i have nothing in the house to eat or drink so it was greatly needed.

when we got back home we ended up watching the rock. tom was so cute. i got up to go to the bathroom and when i came out to sit down he had his arm stretched out to signal we could snuggle. that was very nice. so we snuggled and watched the movie and made fun of the movie. it was nice. then we were both sleepy and i told him to get his jammies on and come to bed with me. no arguments there from him. so we got our jammies on and snuggled down in bed. we actually ended up talking for a long while and snuggling and stuff. finally late in the night, as i was laying on my tummy talking to him and enjoying him playing with my hair, he kissed me. it was so sweet and tender and gentle and nice and i was so happy he wasnt a jackhammer tongue or something like that. it was fabulous. i eventually fell asleep with my head on tom's tummy, listening to his heartbeat.

we woke up fairly early and snuggled and kissed and stuff because neither one of us wanted to get out of bed. finally i felt like taking a bath so i got up and tom went back to sleep. when i was done in the bathroom i got back into bed and we snuggled and kissed some more. then tom took a shower and we hung out watching the hunt for red october some. we finally went off to get some food and ended up getting italian at johnny carinos. we came back and watched a hockey game on tv. sadly the colorado avalanche lost. then we ate the entire container of ben and jerrys we bought last night straight out of the container with spoons. we continued to snuggle on the couch and watch the bone collector. every once in a while we would get into a wrestling match on the floor. tom taught me a couple good ground fighting moves. we were giggling and having a good time. yes, only a cop and military guy could enjoy wrestling, or rather, grappling, as tom puts it.

so then there was more talking and snuggling and kissing and all that jazz. tom was enjoying it. trust me. he was enjoying it. at one point he told me he was very attracted to me. i of course asked in what ways was he attracted and he said that he enjoyed being with me and hanging out and laughing and he liked that i kissed gently and he thought i was pretty. aw how sweet. it was a nice moment.

now heres the comic relief to balance out all the wretch-inducing snuggling. he got up to leave to go back to columbus and went to the bathroom. he was in there for a while and i heard a couple of flushes. then i realized that i hadnt warned him that he needed to do things in stages with that toilet because its fickle. so tom finally comes out with this expression on his face. he looked so embarassed and like he was really tryin to keep it in good spirits. he asked me if he could ask me a couple questions. i said yes. he asked me if i had ever had the worst possible thing happen to me. at that point i told him about the toilet and apologized for not warning him and i just was giggling the whole time. he was just so embarassed. he asked me where the plunger was and i told him. he went off to plunge the toilet and was in there for a while. he came back out and said he needed help. it was so funny. the toilet just would not unclog. so i went in there and plunged some and then he finally got it. but i was laughing the whole time. i felt so bad for tom but he was taking it like a trooper. it was so cute. and so hilarious. he said he was glad i took it the way i did because he was so embarassed. how else would i take it. isnt that everybodys nightmare scenario? fucking hilarious yo.

so yeah then he got his stuff together and we said goodbye and he left. he left me some of the brownies he made. he asked me when i wanted to come down to see him and i told him my availability this week. im going down tomorrow night to see him for a few days. hes gonna cook for me. and ill get to see his bowflex. yes, boy owns a bowflex. ive already made fun of him for it. every time id touch a muscular part of him id say, "bowflex." im silly. he also used to row in high school and college. he told me he was "the stroke man." the stroke man is the guy at the front of the boat that everyone keeps pace with. of course now i refer to tom as the stroke man for its obvious comic reasons.

so yeah that was my date weekend. it was nice. it was casual and relaxed and funny. toms a fabulous guy. hes open and funny and smart and honest and doesnt appear to be hiding anything. hes got that young sweet guy vibe. he opens doors for me and paid for dinner at ihop and is respectful. when we were goofin around he would never go to grab my crotch or boobs or anything like that. he was just really sweet and eager and cute. and he seems to really really dig me. the funny thing is, and i just realized this, but im not angsty or anything. im not sitting here worrying about this or that with regards to tom. things are as they are. so far theres been no red flags. words and actions have matched. and damn if he doesnt smell amazing. he wears obsession for men. i fucking love obsession for men. breathe in baby, yeah. smell the boyness in all its glory. hell yeah beyotch.

so yeah, things are good. i had a good time and toms as cute as a button. i will keep everyone updated as to what goes down the next few days at his place. im excited, it should be fun. shit, how could it not be fun, im dating the stroke man!


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