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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

morning moments

After a year hiatus, I finally got the zipper in my beloved backpack fixed. The amount of happy this gives me in the mornings is bizarre; I am overly attached to this piece of cloth. But then, we have 10 years together and it's been on nearly every trip I've taken -- until the zipper gave out. You have to love the Shoe Hospital (not making that up). They fixed it.

Did anyone else get the Netflix e-mail encouraging you to buy used DVDs from them? The one that had Van Helsing on the top of the stack? How would that induce me to buy movies from them? That was one of the WORST movies ever. I'm ashamed to admit I saw it in the theatre, but there were mitigating circumstances -- it was a date and there wasn't much of a selection. I think Kate Beckinsale is gorgeous (she can be on my couch) but am losing faith in her ability to chose scripts. Regardless, I have Netflix so that I don't have to buy movies. Duh.

I am sitting here avoiding what I should be doing -- trying to write 6 minutes (about three pages, double-spaced) of text for a TV interview I need to do LIVE tomorrow. For your amusement, can I add that all three two-minute segments will be taped in the hours before I would normally even be awake tomorrow? It will be a major feat for me to sound semi-intelligent at 5 am.


  • I will have a video tape of this that I will sell to the highest bidder. Gotta finance my trip to Vegas.

    By Blogger Cooth, at 9:01 AM  

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