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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

moments at the DMV

Which is where you have to go if you write a lot of checks and have moved (a year ago) so that your checks and driver's license no longer match AND where you have to go if your car registration was due, oh, sometime before yesterday which was the day on which you were to display your new tags on your car.

I'm driving illegally. Breakin' the law.....

I walk in at around 10 am. There are 7 or 8 people in line.

The third person in line is a short older lady with shield-like earrings, which look painful. She is holding a Pomerainian. A 20 or 30 pound dog. In the DMV. The dog is panting, loudly. People ignore the dog as though it's normal to bring dogs into public buildings.

One of the women -- maybe in her 60s? -- standing at the counter finishes the paperwork the young DMV guy handed her and scooches over to the ViewMaster eye-test machine. Young DMV guy asks is she is wearing contacts. She is not. Young DMV guy asks her to read the lines. She does, haltingly. She then explains to Young DMV guy that she can't see in the center, just on the sides. He makes her read more lines. She cannot read the center section of any of the lines. A few minutes later, she is handed a new license.

A younger woman, maybe in her later teens, is standing at the other end of the counter with Old DMV guy. He is reviewing the results of her written test. He marks one answer wrong. She says, "See, on that one I guess. I picked this one because I think when you are driving by a trailer you should go slower." Old DMV guy opens the blue How To Drive guide and points to the speed limits page. The girl repeats that she thinks "if you're driving a trailer you shouldn't go the speed limit because it might be too fast." Old DMV guy points to the book again. She, too, is handed a license.

Is it wrong, at this point, to want to sell my car and stay off the roads?


  • Only if you trade it in for a TRUCK so you can plow them over.....just jokin'. really. mhmm...i think i am.....

    By Blogger Tug, at 7:43 PM  

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