Truly Disappointing

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Italian Tom

well i have a date tonight. yep, a date. tonight. me. with a boy. indeedy. we spent forever chatting online last night and i got no sleep. i have a cop party tonight at amys house and hes coming over after. he sounds motivated. motivated is good. his name is tom. tom from philly. italian tom from philly. he is funny as shit and can follow me quote for quote from movies. i love it! we were quoting hunt for red october last night. he loves that movie too. excellent. on paper he sounds great. kt youll love this, lapsed catholic. oh btw, in case i forget to ask when i talk to you on the phone, isnt it true the vatican allegedly has the largest collection of porn in the world? i swear i heard that somewhere. there was some reason for them to have it but i forget. youre the local catholic expert here yo, settle the debate please.

so yeah, toms a skinny boy. and hes young, 24. i feel so old! lol! but hes very smiley and he claims he can cook and bake. of course he cooks italian food, but hey its something. im not a huge italian food fan sadly but its a start. i mean, he can cook manicotti. i think there are multiple steps involved there. impresses me at least who can barely get the microwaving step right. im just lazy though and in no way retarded or illiterate. lol! and yes, toms in the army. hes getting out in december and wants to go into finance. hes got a degree of some kind which is always good. sadly no beret pics. yeah i was disappointed too. lol! look at his cute little puppy dog mug there. gotta love it.

so yeah we shall see how it goes. fingers crossed. theres no better way to get over a guy than to meet a new guy. i think confucious said that and its so true. ancient chinese secret i think. wish me luck and let the chicken sacrificing begin.


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