Truly Disappointing

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I Am The Center of My Universe

well i gotta say this weekend has been shit. just a bad time at work is all. i had a minor fender bender with my buddys patrol car and then last night i failed my qualification with my firearm. no biggie really i just have to go through a remedial class friday morning. i was really hoping to just lay low for the next few weeks until i can get outta this place. job update, cause i dont think ive mentioned it really, but i have interviewed and got lie detected and am going for my psych eval next weds for this job in suwanee. im hoping that next weds they will give me the final offer and i will be able to run home and craft a resignation letter and start checking off the two weeks ill have left at this hell hole. another nice thing about leaving where im at right now other than getting my soul back is that i should get a nice big check for my sick and leave days i have left over. i could use the extra money right now. im kinda short for rent this month because my part-time money hasnt been mailed out to me yet. i hate dipping into savings but if you gotta you gotta. money sucks when you dont have it. i need to get used to that. lol!

my cross stitch is coming along. im almost done with the first big project. i also did one of the designs out of the subversive cross stitch book. i need to take a pic of it. its four hearts with f u c k in the middle of them. its cute i thought. i think i may work on the go fuck yourself design next. gotta love it! and i also wanna start reading the quilting for dummies book i got. when i get more cash id like to buy some supplies and give it a try. hobbies rock. lol!

of course i also need to clean my apt and de-shit the cat boxes. i also need to de-piss the chair the cats love to piss on. at this point ive just accepted that that chair will never be totally piss free. ugh. fucking cat bastards. and i also need to get back into running. i was running some before my ankle accident and im seriously not happy with my body. i was running before for a guy which is fucked up so i need to start running now for me. i just gotta take the first step. the first steps a doosey sometimes. lol!

as for therapy, my therapist lady told me last week that she was seeing a huge improvement. thats cool. rewiring your brain is hard but its coming along. im taking back me. funny enough my life does revolve around me. go fig. lol! so yeah, no retreat, no surrender. hoooo-ah.


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