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Monday, May 08, 2006

Cooth & kT are AWESOME!!

PUBLIC (no, I did NOT say pubic) THANK YOU!! Got the CD today......I hope it hasn't been in my mailbox for a week or 2 & you were thinking I was rudebitch (I don't check mail often - it's all bills).....cannot WAIT to listen to it on my ride to work tomorrow! THANKSSOMUCH, you guys rock AND disco!!


  • I LIKE!! Depending on my mood, I go from calming classical to Metallica FULL BLAST so I cannot THINK or hear myself try. (one fave here has been Bon Jovi's Something to Believe In - or Living on a Prayer) Today was a good day for - shit,who is it? Moz? GAWD.....what a grandma comment. I used to be so GOOD with music & artists & all that jazz. on my 45's. and 8 tracks.

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