Truly Disappointing

Friday, May 19, 2006

Are you dead in the desert? Is that why you're calling?

When I moved to Vegas from a VERY small town, my parents were nervous. They knew I needed to get out & away, but O.M.G. I was small town girl moving to the CITY. SIN CITY. My brother-that-I-never-really-got-along-with was there, with a BRANDNEW bride, but they knew - I was basically on my own. With their grandchild. 10yearold grandchild that missed them ohso much. Brother would always be there for me, but we were not destined to be good friends & hang out. So mother called. A lot. When they would come visit (A lot.), they would hear on the news of bodies being found in the desert. dead the desert. found.months/years later. They'd go back home, and call. MUCH more often. My mother has to have the wildest imagination EVER. If she didn't talk to me at LEAST every other day....when she finally did, the conversation started with "OMG I'm so glad to hear your voice, I thought you were dead in the desert". SIGH. I'm alive, I just had a LIFE. all is good. she breathes.

So, of course, that's the joke. When my daughter got married, I SWORE to never be "that mother". She has a life. She has a husband. They have a family. When grandchild #1 set up life in my heart, & after nine months, they MOVED. FAR, FAR, AWAY.......(have you ever had to tell yourself how to walk? left foot.....OK, now right can do it.....left't-have-a-breakdown-here-or-someone-will-make-you-dead-in-the-desert-right foot....get-up-to-your-apartment-&-then-you-can-break-down-left foot......BREATHE-CINDER-GIRL-BREATHE) I would NOT let myself call too often. They are a FAMILY. They have a LIFE. TOGETHER. So what happens? she calls. #1 heart-squatter had done something adorable, or wanted to say "hi" to GammaTitty. (yes, presh!) She also calls during the day since I've been in Hooterville Hell. to see how I'm doing. Today? no call. no work for her, and no call. WEIRD. I'm busy, so don't call her. Tonight, I walk in, phone's ringing. I see her number....pick up the phone......& instead of "hello", I say "SO. You dead in the desert?" She says "no. no desert here". "you?" I say "nope, not today". "See any dead bodies on your way home?" "nope, it was a good day". Dead bodies you say? another day kids, another day. Something to look forward to.


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