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Thursday, April 06, 2006


We have wind up here on the prairies. Lots of wind. Today we have more than normal wind. We have stormy wind, but without the actual storm. Supposedly there is a storm somewhere, but I don't know where and it's not raining, so all is well.

As I was getting wind-blown up the path, eating my hair, I was thinking about hair. It's sort of an obsession of mine. I have thick, sort of wavy, dark brown hair. It doesn't take dye; I've tried.

When I graduated high school, I think it was shoulder length. Sophomore year of college, I got a boy-cut. It was cheek bone length when I graduated college (in between those last two, I more than once attempted to cut my own hair. BAD IDEA. Just say NO.). Then I didn't cut it for over two years. In grad school, I grew it out to the bottom of my shoulder blades. Then I cut it off to just below my ears right before I defended my thesis. It's now below shoulder length again and I'm staring longingly at hot cute short hair cuts, but it took me SO long to get here.

I was watching some show on TV where these blond chicks were going on modeling calls. They had LONG, nearly waist-length hair. It was sexy, in the way that our culture things long hair is. My hair is way too heavy for that. And then I see this cute mod cut on another blond chick in a commercial, and it's sassy and free-spirited and I want her hair instead.

Your hair is supposed to make a statement about how you see yourself. I'm queen of hair products, but don't like to spend that much time fixing it each morning. And days like today, which are more common than not, all I get to say to the world with the dead locks on my head is that I've been outside in the wind. GREAT statement.

Moz was right about the Hairdresser on Fire. "It could change my life," he says of the urgent haircut. It doesn't, of course, since hair is dead, but when you change the way you feel about yourself based on how you look (and how you think you look), it does change your outlook. Fascinating never-ending circle.

And you know what? It's just hair.


  • I just want to say that my hair is FABULOUS!! right after i leave the salon. in vegas. when i lived there & still had a good hairdresser. about 12 years ago. So should I have said "was" fabulous? Since then, I've had good hair days - I average about 1 a year, & I celebrate it! Mine is thin, STICK STRAIGHT on top, curly in back. About 1000 cow licks. (??) I cut & razor it myself all the time & you (meaning I) can't tell. I refuse to spend more than 5 minutes on it. (think that could be part of the problem?) nahhhh... No hairdresser can tell me whether my face is square or round (lovely choices), so they just say "get a bob". I'm not a bob person. So, along with my one "celebratory good hair" day a year, I celebrate the wind! It's my excuse for a bad hair day. i hate the wind, but will use it when necessary. Some day (maybe the 22nd century - I'll wait) bald WILL look good on square/round faced women. I'll be HOT!

    By Blogger Tug, at 10:07 PM  

  • I will attest to the mother-fuckin' wind we had yesterday. I thought my cute, new dangly earrings were going to blow right out of the holes.

    I just got a way-long overdue haircut. My hair was fine. Well, as fine as my hair can get.

    By Blogger Cooth, at 10:02 AM  

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