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Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Snuggly Rubby (TM)

so yeah, when we last left off the apology and explaination was given and accepted and plans were made for me to travel down to columbus to see raiden. and motherfucker if columbus aint farther than i realized, but then again sitting in a construction-related traffic jam for an hour didnt help. the ride back was good except for a traffic jam in downtown. today was not a good traffic mojo day for me needless to say.

so anyways, i get there and he hugs me. it was nice. we went to eat at this italian joint he frequents and it was ok. im pretty iffy on italian food frankly. we ended up arguing about the womanizer-y-ness of capt kirk from the original star trek. raiden insisted i was not being fair with regards to my harsh criticism of capt kirk and his female suitors. i insisted raiden was a goof for saying capt kirk was not the O.G. playa extrordinaire. yes, i have met a good match for me if i can debate star trek with him. seriously deranged i tells ya. anyways, we ended up later on googling all the 76 original episodes and going through them to count exactly how many times out of the original 76 he got it on with a female. turns out its 30 of 76. yes, i was right. and raiden conceded (as he should have to begin with! lol!).

but anyways, after dinner we went to the park. now for those in the know the park isnt exactly my fun place. im in jeans, a nice shirt, and non-tennis shoe-y shoes, not really fun park attire. plus it was kinda warm. he wanted to throw this frisbee ring thing. i went with it. and of course ended up all sweaty and gross. but i dealt. afterwards we drove around the neighborhood around the park looking at the older houses and cooling off. kt would like the architecture aspect of this portion of the excursion.

so we ended up back at his place. it was funny, i went to the bathroom to pee and make sure i wasnt a total mess and walked back out and he was sitting in the middle of the couch. raiden is so fucking hilarious. i pretty much had to sit snuggly with him which was in no way a problem. and frankly it was kinda nice he did that because im always worried about when i go and snuggly with a guy ive just started "associating" with because i dont want him to think im all clingy and stuff. so the forced snuggle move was nice because it showed he wanted the snuggly. so we basically spent the rest of the night snuggly watching shitty ass tv.

the snuggly chill out was nice. he was rubbing my leg and arm and playing with my hair and holding my hand and all that snuggly stuff. (btw, the emergency barf bags are located in the rear pocket of the seat in front of you, thank you for flying susie air. lol!) and i was all rubby his leg and arm and stuff. at one point we were on the floor looking at his dvd collection and he got all wrestle-y and stuff. it actually turned into a defensive tactics wrestle match thing that only two goofball gung-ho people would enjoy. he tried twistin me around and throwing me and stuff. im quite flexible. it was amusing. and of course a few times he gave me the kissy eyes but he didnt move in for the kill. and me, all tough bullshit and bluster, froze up. i did not grab the brass ring. shame shame! i was just really nervous as shit and i fucked up and didnt fucking kiss him. yes, i suck, seriously.

anyways, we ended up eventually watching robocop which i had not seen in its entirety. after robocop we fucked around on the internet some and googled some upcoming movies and battlestar galactica stuff. i attempted to redeem myself by crawling behind him on the couch as he messed with the computer on the coffee table and wrapping my legs around him. i pulled the whole massaging your back and neck thing. he appeared to have liked it. i then took his hat off, goofy fucking boys and their fucking baseball hats, and was rubbin his head and playing with what little hair he has (the high and tight i mean). he seemed to like that too. his hair is so baby soft, its nice. so we fucked around on the internet, settled the capt kirk debate, and basically were just snuggly rubby.

around 9:30 i got up again to pee and came back out and he said he needed to go to bed. his schedule is a little different from mine so he actually goes to bed at a reasonable hour. plus he said he didnt want me out on the road too late. aaawww. so he gave me a hug and i left. i was kinda hopin hed go for the kiss again because by that time i was so gonna meet him halfway like he intended the couple times before but he didnt bust a move. oh well, such is life. so i got in my car and off i went. he called me about halfway home and we chatted. i mentioned the kiss thing and told him i was really nervous and felt bad about not kissing him. i didnt want him to think i was in any way rejecting him. he was cool. i then told him i take full responsibility next time for the kiss. the balls in my court now. he told me he had an "exceedingly good time" and of course wanted to see me again next weekend. i was of course like hell yeah bitch. so we wrapped it up and he said, "goodnight beautiful." very nice. little cherry on top there yo. yum.

sooooo, that was the columbus trip. i would categorize it as a success despite my pussying out on the kiss. the snuggly rubby has been done so future snuggly rubby is a go. im of course happy about that because i love the snuggly rubby. so basically i cannot wait until next weekend to see him again. i like him more every time i see him. and hes such a nice guy. very funny and smart and laugh-y and sweet. and he likes cheesy 80s music and sci fi. and now i have a 3rd date coming up. wow, i cant remember the last time i had a 3rd date. very cool. and of course theres the kiss. i think i may just answer the door when he gets here, tell him to sit down, straddle him, take off his hat (which im sure he'll be wearing), and just fucking kiss his ass off. and then of course get up and be goofy and casual and ask him where he wants to go eat. lol!

so yeah, that was me and raiden snuggly rubby in columbus. and this is me smiley and happy in duluth.


  • so after you kiss his ass off, get up & go cazh (I like the idea btw), as him what happened with HIM wanting (or regretting not??) to kiss you...wasn't that where you'd left off when he left your place? I'm thinking of the whole blog thing, but need to get something going on besides bitching about life & job (where some eyes could see it anyway).

    By Anonymous tug, at 8:21 PM  

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