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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Shoop Shoop Bullshit

well seems im off to columbus tomorrow, or rather, later today. my wack ass schedule really blows sometimes and its gonna be months of wack ass until i get weekends off again. and of course taking days off is impossible unless you ask months in advance. i just dont plan that far in advance usually.

so yeah, muddling through rush hour traffic to get down to columbus to spend a few hours. sucks but thems the breaks. i cant wait another week to see raiden. hes like heroin to me and yes i know thats so un-fonzy. and seems that theres more training stuff hes gotta oversee later in the week. schedules suck. being hundreds of miles away sucks. being such a worrying freakola sucks.

but its first kiss time. if i fuck this up im soooo dead. it has to go down one way or another. i was wondering what, if anything, exactly you can tell about someone from a kiss. do you really think the whole shoop shoop bullshit about "its in his kiss" is legit? i would like to think i am able to convey just how much i like a person by how i kiss them. perhaps thats silly. knowing me, it is. what do yall think? i of course will probably have detailed play by play for ya.

but alas before i can get off to columbus i have traffic court. some jackass wants to argue his ticket for rear-ending a dude last november. why are you wasting my fucking time? i could be spending it worrying about stupid shit like my trip to columbus. lol! my buddy from work says i need to relax and let things take their course and enjoy the moment as it is. i laugh in his general direction. i wish i knew how to do this, relax that is. he says im too smart for my own good in that i think too much. no surprise there. seriously, how do i curb this bad habit? i wanna be more zen and less seinfeld. fuck.

so yeah, date 3. we are settin serious records here for susie-land. let the chicken sacrificing begin.....


  • I can hear the song "relax...get to it" or something like that. Don't actually have a clue what the lyrics are.

    Personally? I like the people I kiss, or I'd not be kissing them. That said, I try to "do my best" with any of them -- what the hell is the point of a half-assed kiss? So, is IT in his kiss? Maybe. But remember that Juan was a great kisser and otherwise just your typical asshat player.

    Regardless, enjoy the kissing part.

    By Blogger kT, at 9:21 AM  

  • very true about juan. i have a feeling that if i met him now id be totally not impressed with anything of him. how funny is that yo!

    and its relax by frankie goes to hollywood. i think its about sex. ill look up the lyrics later and advise.

    and hopefully i will enjoy the kissing part. and ill try to remember relax. lol!

    By Blogger Susan, at 10:14 AM  

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