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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Raise Your Hands If Youre Sure (That Youre Bored With My Blathering, That Is...)

well i did it, i went and bought a spotbot. if you havent seen the commercials for it it basically is this thing that scrubs stains out of stuff for you without you having to do anything. i bought it specifically for all of my pet stain "issues." i used up all of the cleaning solution so far and need to buy more but it appears to work fairly well. theres a few areas that probably need another pass or two but most of the pissy stains appear to be gone. when i get more cleaning solution for the machine im gonna try it on my chair. it says it works on that kind of thing. fingers crossed i can get out the pissy in the chair and have it not smell anymore. maybe then i can stop buying smelly cones and sprays in bulk. i hate the smell of kitty piss in the morning...

i also went out tonight to the movies with a buddy from work and unfortunately his wife and kid. they are so annoying. the kid is 9 and is huuuuuge. and shes hyper and retarded as shit. and his wife is a total bitch, a complete shrew. i trudged through dinner and then went to a seperate movie from them. i saw failure to launch. i heard good and bad things about it but i liked it. it was light and breezy and a good time. a movie and not a film. after that i met up with my buddy after his family had left and we saw lucky number slevin. total and complete fucking garbage. theres a "twist" but its no surprise. they telegraph it throughout the whole movie. totally a waste of time. but hey, being a cop and having friends that work a part-time at the theater i got in free. i met the manager tonight and i think he likes me. how funny. i also got to see amy tonight and chat her up some. overall, fairly good times. though sadly part of me wanted to just spotbot my stuff all night long. is that lame or just really ocd??? yeah probably a bit of both...

but i have managed to get a decent amount of stuff accomplished this weekend. cleaning, well some of it, laundry, some of it, haircut, grocery shopping, mailed tax stuff to tax lady, and picked up birth control prescription refill. not too bad really. and it has seemed like the weekend flew by which is good and bad. now if only my week will fly by. somehow i doubt it will, but hey, one can hope right.

and i also have gotten a bug of a plan up my ass lately. well, just tonight, ok, just the last hour actually. ill run it by yall and get your reactions (you too christopher! since you seem to be the only guy contributing lately. and dont worry about hijacking!). this is classic susan which means it may seem good on paper but horrible in execution/reality. i have a bad habit of making grand romantic gestures. i was thinking about the whole kiss thing with raiden. i concocted a plan to go down to columbus this week and kiss raiden before he leaves for PT in the morning which i think is about 0530 hours. id be hanging out on his car, hed come out ready to PT, and surprise its me and its me kissing him like a mothafucka. yeah its starting to seem less and less like a good idea. its totally hollywood thinking i know. the thing is it would either come off really romantic and hot and cute or just plain fucking weird and creepy. i dont need weird and creepy. seriously.

maybe ill just keep chillin out. so far he hasnt called or texted this weekend. i was thinking of just letting it go and seeing when hed finally call. i know, it seems so game-y. but partially its proof to me i can go without contact with him for a while and still be cool. ive been cool thus far, though yes i have been keeping track of how long its been. so i dont know if thats really considered still being cool or not. but so far im not mad about him not calling. i figure hes busy and tired. and really, what it comes down to is, if he wants to call he will and if he doesnt he wont. and if he doesnt call for ages then hes not motivated enough and thus im not interested.

you know, frankly, im kinda getting bored of talking about raiden. its all talk about nothing really. and after a while talk about nothing gets dull. though yes, seinfeld managed how many seasons of it? plus im tired. i dont wanna have my life hijacked anymore and thats kinda what happens sometimes when you meet people. scheduling and expectations and blah blah blah. hijacking i tells ya. boring.

so, all of yall who are totally bored to tears with my raiden-related blathering please raise your hands.....


  • You asked - so here is my opinion. If someone I had dated 2 times showed up at my doorstep in a different town at 5:30 am, I'd be very creeped out.

    of course, I'm 45 and single, I may be wrong.

    Can you and Tug come and clean my apartment? PLEEZ????

    By Blogger Cooth, at 6:31 AM  

  • not tired of the blathering, "friends" (I use the quotes because I really don't know you) are here to listen & try to help. BUT, gotta agree with Cooth (& I'm 44 & single)...I'd be kinda creeped out too. But I'd have reminders of an ex that kept showing up where I worked in Vegas (from MONTANA).......

    By Blogger Tug, at 11:32 AM  

  • I'm your age and single and you already KNOW what I'm going to say.

    The creep factor is so all over that plan.

    Grand romantic gestures can take on an overall creepiness when you don't know the person all that well. Especially since you really don't know him well enough to know if he would be into that kind of gesture. I'm not. At all. Ever.

    It's like those guys who decide it's a good idea to propose marriage on the big screens at baseball games or with sky-writers. They need to be thinking about their intended fiancee's reaction, not their own interests. Personally, there's no way in hell I'd marry that guy (were I a marrying kind of girl). Because it's not MY style.

    So, no on the early morning tackle.

    By Blogger kT, at 8:50 AM  

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