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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Mercenaries, Kenny Loggins, and The Da Vinci Code

i think im finally getting back into things now. i think my meds were really jacking me up. i was feeling totally exhausted and nauseous all the time. i switched my meds to taking them in the evening before i go to sleep and i find myself not dealing so much with the side-effects. i actually get kinda hyper sometimes at night now. theres nothing worse than feeling zombie-like. but ive managed to accomplish some stuff the last couple days and it feels good to be productive. i did the dishes and got the garbage together. i washed my bath mat and hopefully will wash some clothes today. i filled out some applications for police departments. i also filled out a couple online apps for these overseas security companies. if i get hired ill be going to either iraq or afghanistan and earning like $15,000 a month. if i stay overseas more than 365 days its all tax free. im excited about the possibility. a couple guys from work have already been hired and a buddy of mine is also applying. they are apparently looking for cops. fingers crossed. aint adventure and cold hard cash great?! if i get hired would it be misleading to have business cards that said im a mercenary?? lol!

ok, ive been downloading and listening to a few kenny loggins songs lately. does this confirm my insanity??

i just finished my resume, or one version of it at least. theres nothing like doing a resume that makes you realize how much shit you know or have done. i totally forgot i learned how to knife fight in the police academy. i actually know quite a few methods of kicking ass. gotta love it.

im ashamed to say that i bought and read the da vinci code the other day. and im ashamed to say that i enjoyed it. this must definently confirm my insanity. there were some cliched writing parts in it and there were more than a couple of times that i saw things coming but it was one of those breezy beach reads. too bad i wasnt at the beach. and sadly, i will probably go see the movie when it comes out. then again i also get into the movies for free so its not really a biggie. i do have to say that the whole mary as jesus' baby momma is intriguing to me. i can buy it, totally. i havent read the gnostic gospels but i understand they pretty much say that mary was jesus' beyotch. and i can totally buy the church maligning the whole sacred woman pagan tradition stuff. women are too cool, they must be stopped! men and their little cocks, i swear.

but hey, at least i havent bought and read anything by l ron hubbard yet. now that i totally refuse to do. i will not give tom cruise and his minions any money, no thanks. crazy fuckers.

speaking of crazy fuckers, i saw a program today on the rapture. fucking batshit crazy ass people yo. and they are growing in size. very fucking creepy. poor kirk cameron. seriously.

oh i sorta spoke to garrett the other night. for those who arent in the know, garrett is the original army boy who failed to show up for our first date in january and then backed out of the reschedule and said he needed to go off and deal with some shit after having been overseas for a year. hes the minne-soh-tah boy. and when i say spoke i mean texted. he texted me in response to a friendly email i sent him recently. i heard from him a few months ago when he texted me about my infamous "speak my peace" email. we've come to a certain detente (did i spell that right??) and are friendly which im cool with. hes starting airborne training soon and hes still as sassy as he was before. yeah, he so cant resist me yo. its just a matter of time. lol! i know, i know, the faith may be misplaced and totally unearned but its there nonetheless. am i stopping my life waiting for him? no. but if he gets his head straight and really understands and commits to giving it a go will i meet him? yeah. because im a sucker. i admit it. i can feel kt's disapproving glare from here. lol! but you cant win big if you dont gamble big sometimes right? plus its my life to ruin as i want. i think that was a moz reference, sorta.

anyways, i think its off to the bookstore yo. we shall see what crazy shit my meds make me buy today. yes ill blame the da vinci code on my meds. convenient scapegoat yo. lol! and i think me and myles are hitting the movies tonight too. we may go see that united 93 movie or whatever its called. ill keep yas updated.


  • I bought The DaVinci Code several weeks ago....As soon as I have some free time, I'm going to read it.

    By Blogger Cooth, at 4:17 PM  

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