Truly Disappointing

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Margo had wood!!! and i'm tired.

I'm a daddy's girl (grandma that I am), I'll just say that rightupfront. But he's awesome! He built me a HUGE wood box last year, & has chopped wood & kept it full for me since. Last winter (& this one) while everyone else is bitching about their heating bills, I'm paying under $40. The only time my heat kicked on at all throughout the winter was during the night when I was sleeping (I'll never make a TRUE pyro & burn while sleeping) - otherwise I had a nice roaring fire with 16" logs (yes, he measures them to fit the fireplace; I have my own stack of wood at his place). Between parental visits here this winter & my trips there, I still have a full wood box. It's been in the 70's & 80's. My car (Margo, short for MargoRita) had her butt full of wood. I had 8+ boxes to take north this weekend (I AM the Easter Bunny ya' know) for the garage sale (giving K time to go through & tag at will). Conundrum. SO, after EIGHT TRIPS up & down THREE FLIGHTS of stairs, my woodbox & porch are full of wood, & Margo is full of boxes. Notsosure where I'll be putting my suitcase, but if worse comes to worse, K & I wear the same size. Her closet, after all, is my fave place to shop! Walmart bag of undies, I'm good. Oh yes, there is room for the Honeybaked Ham I'm taking too. They don't have one of those up there. NUMMERS. All this means is tomorrow I can eat another bag of EasterEgg malted milk balls after all of this exercise - must keep up the muffin top hanging over my jeans.

I got called for jury duty so I'll be catching up on my magazine reading tomorrow too....PATHETIC, but I'm SO looking forward to the day away from the office! WITH NO GUILT - I HAD to do my civic duty! I think I'll be ultra un-biased just to get chosen to serve. My corporate office understands (they know the horrors I endure), & are saying their prayers that I get this mini vaca.....minus the frond boys & boat drinks. I'm pretty sure my cell looks like a weapon, so it'll have to stay home to. shoot oh dear. life is good.


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