Truly Disappointing

Thursday, April 20, 2006

it's the little things that kill....

You know that new History Channel series -- moments in history that change the course of history, but are not the BIG moments that people think of when they think of Landmarks In History? Those little bits that go by unrecognized but later can be traced as the start of the ripple-turned-tidal-wave? Well, it got me thinking.

The little things are the basis for most of our lives. We don't, if we are decent people, choose our friends based on their prestige. We find friends based on odd things -- proximity (people you meet at work or school), similar proclivities, shared sense of humor, or the fact that when you said "1960s beach blanket bingo," she was the only person in the room who didn't look at you as though you'd grown an extra head. That opens a door that allows the development or discovery of further shared interests.

In the same way, the little things close doors, too. Those moments in life where a small but significant paradigm shift occurs -- a crack in a formerly perfect facade, a glimpse into a previously hidden corner.

I know that I was intending to go somewhere with this, but the train of thought has -- temporarily -- derailed. When I get it back on track, I'll let you know.


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