Truly Disappointing

Thursday, April 13, 2006


I admit. I wanted to see Brokeback Mountain to see the man-on-man action. It's so taboo that I have a thing about it -- if there were more of it, then it wouldn't be dirty little secrets. And I'm fascinated by how two guys kiss. Which didn't so much happen in the movie.

That said, and brought on by Cathy's Star Trek love fest, may I just ask?

Where have all the cowboys gone? (apologies to Paula Cole).

WTF are Pinky and Daniel? D pops in, is sardonic and we love it, and then he runs away to be someone else fighting dragons or androids or something. Dude. Not cool. Pinky? Announces that he's to be wed and then also disappears. No news on impending nuptuals. I don't know if I spelled that correctly.

Regardless, guys? Come back. Please?


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