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Monday, April 17, 2006

Go Without

whats my problem? why am i so upset about raiden? i mean, thats one of the least issues i have to deal with but still. guy hasnt been much other than shit lately, but im still upset. i wish i could just wash him right outta my hair. ive always held on too long. and i sent him an email last night. im sure he thinks im nuts but ya know i had stuff to say however crazy that may make me seem. i know, emails are never good. but since i cant manage to say much in person i figure email was the best i could do. maybe one day ill stop banging my head on that particuular brick wall. fuck me. seriously. and i do want my tupperware back dammit. i told him that too. maybe he'll mail it. who knows. guess i could always just buy some more. or i guess i could just go without. im pretty good at doing that.


  • I'm the queen of going without. I've been a single mother for 100 years, & single for about that long. Let Calgon take you away....with candles, lights off, & music that will TAKE. YOU. AWAY. Get a massage......pedicure....I swear, I'm not a girlie girl by ANY means, but they're awesome!!

    By Blogger Tug, at 7:56 PM  

  • What you need is a vacation. I hear Sweden's nice this time of year.

    By Blogger Mark Base, at 5:00 AM  

  • well raiden is officially gone. the whole its me not you thing. whatever. he claims he realizes he cant be with anyone yet he keeps his personals ad up. uh huh. i dont want to be with somebody who is an asshole so buh-bye. he can keep the fucking tupperware ill buy new cooler tupperware. at least the question is put to rest.

    By Blogger Susan, at 9:03 AM  

  • Hmmm. Sound familiar.

    By Anonymous dinoboy, at 2:39 PM  

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