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Friday, April 21, 2006

Are fruits & veggies Chinese?

So the one virgo trait I do NOT have is eating healthy. OK, there are 2 - I hate exercise too. I think if I give up all the grease & fat, my body may just fall apart piece by piece. But, with the muffintop I have poking out of the top of my jeans, I've decided I need to do something. So I'm eating carrots (with non-fat ranch dressing), bananas, grapes, apples.....and although they fill me up, it doesn't LAST. Not even an HOUR. So I eat more. and get hungry again. After doing this for awhile, I get pissed & order a cheeseburger & fries with REAL ranch. And the muffintop grows.

With the daughter, mom & grandkids coming in today (no dad or s-i-l) we'll probably eat dinner at the new PF Changs down the road from my house....After fruits, veggies, (no cheeseburger - yet) and then 'real' Chinese, I'm thinking I may lose 20 pounds or so by tomorrow! wish me luck, & may the force be with me.


  • Chinese food has lots of veggies in it, if you order the right things. I think the only thing I've had at PF Changs that I loved were the lettuce wraps. Yum.

    Granted, they cook the veggies in oil, but that just makes them ....well, tasty, I guess.

    By Blogger kT, at 8:12 PM  

  • so the OIL is why I didn't lose 20 pounds by today. shit. Did you all know they (PF Changs) do NOT have butter (or substitute) ANYWHERE in the establishment? This is what they told us when we tried (unsucessfully) to order plain noodles with butter for my grandson... hmmmmmmmmmph.

    By Blogger Tug, at 10:27 PM  

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