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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Unleashing the Sex Panther?

ok i have a question- can you schedule a booty call or is a booty call more of a random spontaneous thing? would it be more of a tryst if its scheduled in advance?

whatever the term we decide on, i think i have a scheduled sexual rendezvous for later tonight. i spoke with my handjob buddy tonight. i mentioned the whole deal about me not getting my rocks off the other night. he said he realized that later and was sorry about it. well thats nice i guess. lol! then he mentioned the astroglide i used which he had never been introduced to before. how that is i have no idea. i figured every adult was pretty conversant in lube but i guess not. he made mention of using it for anal sex...with me. needless to say i asked a few followups on that one. hes apparently curious about anal. me, not so much at this point. i explained to him my policy- you gotta learn how to make me cum without your cock first. once you learn that you can start using your willy. and i said that anal is something you work up to once youve mastered the main hole first. theres a whole progression here yo. you gotta crawl before you ass-fuck somebody, ya know?!

i mean, ive been academically curious about anal. and ive always said id try just about anything once, but anal aint something you rush into especially if youve never done it before, which neither of us have. plus anal involves trust which has to be built. i gotta be comfortable looking into his eyes and sayin stuff like, "i want you to fuck me right now" or "i love how you fuck me with your cock" and other such dirty talk ditties before i can have anybody stick anything in my ass. you know what im sayin?!

but anyways, ive digressed. so yeah hes supposed to call me tomorrow and there may be a booty call or tryst or whatever you wanna call it. i need to prune my shrub something serious. but i digress again. lol! so anyways this friends with benefits deal. its funny, im ok with it, totally. he always gets me so wet (yeah i know thats way more info than anybody probably needed) and he was workin the 'gina the other night before we got sidetracked, so somethings workin there somehow. there just needs to be more communication on both our parts i think. but alas, like i said, no cock action until hes mastered the clit. i think im ready to let my sex panther out of its cage. rrrrrroooooaaarrrrrrgggg!

so am i a total ho? lol! i think im just really randy and me and him just have an attraction. and its cool because theres no expectations of anything else from me or him and there arent gonna be, least on my part. its kinda refreshing to have that realization that you can be attracted to someone but know you cant ever have a successful relationship so theres no inclination to try.

i dunno theres the chance that im hopping clit deep into a big mess. but then again allegedly the fuck buddies system can work if theres boundaries and communication. who knows, maybe ill wuss out and not be cool with it or maybe ill have some fun and thatll be that. ill of course let yall know in excruciating detail. lol! either way, ya cant know till ya try. and lord knows i could stand to be fucked ten ways to sunday. lol! my junks gettin rusty down there...


  • I think sometimes it's hard (no pun intended) to not get attached. But hey, this guy is a friend and you're both clear on what the parameters are now, so.... you'll never know if you don't try.

    Elexa, baby!

    By Blogger kT, at 10:25 AM  

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