Truly Disappointing

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sex Panther Update, Part I

so, i just got a call from handjob, i guess thatll be his nickname from now on, and we chatted some. he told me hed been thinking about "licking my pussy" all day today. well thats encouraging. lol! i wondered how i might breach that topic. hey can you go down on me? hey id really like it if you put your mouth on my clit? touchy subject to broach. theres no easy way to ask for cunnillingus. and frankly you gotta put your mouth on my stash for me to suck your cock. girls gotta draw a line in the sand yo.

then i told him that i had already "taken care of business" numerous times today. is there something in the water?! im seriously ready to roll. i broke my personal masturbation record already and he hasnt even come over yet. am i the only one who has tried to see how many times you can cum in one day? handjob said he had never tried it and laughed when i mentioned it. my past record was three. i got bored so i quit at three. today im up to four so far. im seriously possessed. i cant stop thinking about handjob fucking me. wow thats graphically personal. lol!

so yeah he said hes gonna try and come over tonight. should be interesting. though i am worried i overdid things earlier. hopefully my clit will bounce back. im young, it should right?

and kt, thanks for the elexa stash. may come in handy. you do have my sex, i mean!


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