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Monday, March 06, 2006

Scratch and Sniff Me

well shit, looks like i have enough bath and body products now to open my own spa.....or drug store. lol! for my birthday i got a bunch of vickys smelly sprays and bath gels from bearclaw and a box of goodies from kt that take care of all my holes it seems. lol! sadly, i dont think i will be field testing those elexa wipes you sent me anytime soon. i wonder if they smell nice. hmmm. and funny enough, i think the philosophy body washes you sent have transfixed ness. he was intently sniffing them when i put them out in the bathtub and i have since found him hanging out in the tub next to them several times today. theyre birthday cake scented not catnip scented, i dont know what the deal is there. but then again ness is crazy.

and speaking of smells, what is the american obsession with smells? i always see those commercials for the smell balls that spritz smell into the air like every 5 seconds. you think they make noise when they spritz? and dont you get used to the smell eventually to the point where you dont smell the smell anymore thus nullifying the need for the smell ball?? of course the lack of sense in it all doesnt keep me from buying smell products though i tend to buy the more esoteric smell products including the stickums and the smell cone thingies. no auto-spritzing here. its mostly because i have naughty kitties and prefer to cover the smell of cat piss. but when it comes to bath/girly products i love smell. though i hate smelly tampons. thats where i draw the line on smell. i dont want my vagina to smell like a garden or fresh linen or anything, i just want it to not smell. i want un-smell down there. but i love a great smelly bath gel or shampoo or something. i love catching a whiff of my smelly self when i use them. yum! and those philosophy bath gels smell great. they really smell like cake and ice cream and icing. though they dont keep smelling on you much. but i think im in the minority about wanting to overtly smell like a bakery all day. but i am made of sugar and spice and everything nice so why shouldnt i smell like it?


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