Truly Disappointing

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


This is me & T-Bone. He's hot, don't you think? And, dude, he's like TOTALLY all over me.

Such is the brilliance of photo cropping, thanks to Cathy.

Two weekends ago, we were at a bar for a co-worker's birthday. Her husband's band was playing -- they do classic rock covers and can all actually play their instruments which, by our standards out here, makes them worth going to see. Especially when there's no cover.

T-Bone, and yes, that's what the back of his jersey shirt said, was drunk. Capital "D" Drunk. He was having a good time, dancing in the middle of a group of women. I believe in the photo, he was dancing with D, who was behind him (she's short), but you've got to hand it to the photographer, he looks all over me.

Perception is everything, isn't it?

We wonder what T-Bone remembers about this night. We all thought he was funny. So, yes, some random drunk strangers are funny. Not all of them, but this guy was, well, a unique character. The world only needs one T-Bone.


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