Truly Disappointing

Monday, March 06, 2006


Girly things.... yep. I love bath stuff. I have the margarita philosophy body wash/bath gel and I really like the way it foams -- so I'm glad you like the birthday smells. Totally hilarious that Ness likes them. I'd have pegged Capone for the food smells whore -- since she was raised on tast-eee cakes and stuff. Weird kitties.

Remember when we decided to see what the dental dams tasted like? I have photos from that night.

We had a condom box in the dorm -- you know, toss in a quarter, have safer sex. After protests our first year there, the safer sex box became equal opportunity. When they finally had a dental dam in there, we decided we'd see what lesbian prophylactics looked and tasted like. I can see why they aren't popular. I wonder where those photos are? (For the record, I think you have my only print of the shaft photo, too. I have the negative somewhere, though).

Other thought of the day:

I'm tired of winter. I'm knitting a spring scarf. In that it is a very spring-y green and wonderfully cabled. I am TIRED of winter. I want to go hiking.


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