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Thursday, March 09, 2006

let's talk about sex, baby!

Is anyone else a fan of Talk Sex with Sue Johansson? I have no idea if I spelled her name right. Hmmm.

Why I like Sue:
She is blunt. I see no need to add to the idiotic puritanism of Americans regarding sex. Just TALK about it already!
She answers what are, to me, kind of stupid questions. Don’t get me wrong – I think if you have questions, you should ask them, and not worry about everyone else knowing the answers, but still, do you not just learn some things over time?
Her philosophy seems to be that if you and your partner are enjoying what you’re doing, it is probably just fine.

Susan’s hand job post got me thinking. There are times where you do something mainly for the benefit of your partner in a sexual liasion. But how selfless can you really be in sex? I know that when I’m into doing the aforementioned things, I get a vicarious thrill out of the pleasure I induce. When I’m not into it, I’m bored and I assume that it’s not as good for him, either (and since I’ve only had sex with men, I’ll leave the male pronoun alone).

When sex becomes a game or a power struggle, it is cheapened and lessened. It needn’t be the ultimate expression of true love, but it should be a mutually pleasurable and rewarding experience, right?

Am I completely off base in this? Or am I sane and letting the insanity of the world adversely affect my view of the best reason to be female?


  • It's all fine and dandy until somebody's penis gets hurt.

    By Blogger Cooth, at 4:35 PM  

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