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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Garrett-gate, Part Deux

as for being stood up, technically garrett only stood me up once when he failed to show up that saturday. the second time is not technically a stand up. he called the night before and told me he was not coming. i believe a stand up is when they dont show up that day is it not? or do we need to forge a definitive definition here? im up for debate on the subject.

i talked to jeff, my personal trainer, about this some today and his impression is that garrett is ok. he said that at least garrett was up front about his reservations about starting something and chose not to start something possibly doomed instead of jumping in and things failing. i think jeffs pulling the midwest boy honor code here sticking up for his minne-soh-tah man. jeffs from wisconsin, those boys gotta stick together. but anyways, jeff said that if garrett really just wanted to blow me off he woulda just done so and wouldntve texted me. i think jeffs a glass is half full kinda guy and it shows. but really, i think i agree.

it comes down to this, you either gotta believe in people or not sometimes. yes things went all sideways and it sucked. and yes i am wary and am not looking to open myself up to further hurt. however i do get the impression that garrett is a good guy. a good guy, albeit one whos fucked things up some. i am in no way defending him, its not cool to give signs of interest and excitement in meeting someone and then backing off. shit hes the one who first contacted me for fucks sake. boys clearly conflicted and i give him props for backing off. because if he had come up and wed hit it off and he was still conflicted and he then went off into his mancave, i would have at that point been much more disappointed and pissed off than i was with how things went down. and if hes on some kinda rebound, i dont need to be the rebound girl. id rather he get his head clear and in the game.

and maybe its just a matter of patience. or maybe its just one of those missed things. who knows. but shit kt you of all people should understand the whole personal reservations thing. not everybody hops wholeheartedly into things like i do. and obviously not everybody hops into potential danger knowingly like i do sometimes. i think garrett has a good head on his shoulders, albeit a much more cautious and perhaps jumbly head.

i dunno, theres just something about him. i just cant explain it. and maybe im being dumb and goofy, but theres just something about him. dude makes me smile. the very thought of him makes me smile. i dunno.


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