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Sunday, March 26, 2006

First Date With Raiden- The Post Show

so, raiden came up. yes ladies and gentlemen he actually showed up. im ahead of the curve already with that! lol! he looks like his pics in person which is good. he claims his eyes are hazel, but i think theyre blue. hazel is such bullshit, but thats another post for another time. and hes got these crinklies underneath his eyes. im not sure how else to describe it other than crinklies. its interesting. and he also claims to be 6'00" though he seems slightly over my height but not much. perhaps hes just one of those taller dudes that appears less tall. i know, bizarre phenomenon, but alas, another post for another time.

so anyways, we went to eat at pf changs. fairly good food but more expensive than average chinese and less portions. yes i know it was not an inspired choice but hey name me something better. theres great stuff downtown but i didnt feel like making the drive so pf changs it was. we talked about a wide variety of things including his years milking cows on the farm, how they castrate bulls, and various issues surrounding the war. we also discussed the conspiracy theory about the council of 12 that controls the world. yes, it was a bizarre conversation. raiden is very smart though i gotta give him that. after pf changs we drove around some and continued to chat. we then decided to go and see v for vendetta. good movie actually. id recommend it. it could be perceived as slightly heavy handed depending on your mood, but i dug it. after the movie we went back to my place.

we basically just hung out on my couch. raidens very hard to read so i wasnt sure what the deal was. i kinda figured he was into me cause he would every once in a while touch me. not like in a nasty touch way but like smacking my arm or leg or something if i said something cheeky. i know, it sounds so gay, but hey hes a guy, what do you want? lol! at one point it came up that he was shot in afghanistan. im sure i misspelled that. anyways, he showed me his bullet wound on his arm. that cat has been through almost everything a dude could be through other than getting run over or something (i asked bout that and he confirmed that he had not in fact been run over, lol!). so anyways, it eventually got kinda late for a dude with regular business hours (unlike me) and he had to drive back to columbus so he left.

after he had left i texted him to be goofy. and yes, because texting is so much easier than asking in person, i know i suck. so i texted him, "so?" and of course he called. he told me he had a great time and would definently like to see me again. he said he didnt really want to leave, but he had to because he was tired. a little while later he called again to tell me that he wanted to kiss me when he left but he wasnt sure if it would have been too forward of him. he said he had been thinking about it all the way back to columbus. aaaaww thats nice.

so yeah, that was the date with raiden. im not quite sure what to think. i think im thrown off by him some because he is so hard to read. im always wary of people like that. though if you ask him shit he will tell you so its not an emotional availability thing, he just doesnt telegraph shit like i do, or at least as much. i asked him bout that and he said he was pretty much just feeling things out. and as for me, i was off my game for a decent amount of the time. i woke up, took a shower, got dressed, and had an unpretty day. you know, one of those days where it doesnt matter what you do or what you wear you feel awkward and unpretty. that of course does not help the date mojo usually. but i pushed through it and dealt. of course hiding in my dark grey old navy performance fleece helped. plus it was chilly so it was warranted. i was just feeling slightly sausage-y and that sucks. but hey, apparently i managed to seriously woo raiden even in my old navy performance fleece, go me. lol!

so yeah, i will see him again and i have no doubt he will not blow me off. he seems very standup like that. but i think ultimately the jury is still out. i just get the impression theres more to see here. i kinda feel like he puts up a little of a facade, but then again we all do. i think once we get more comfortable (and i feel slightly less sausage-y, lol!) that perhaps i can get a better read on him. i dunno, i think perhaps im where kt was with "brad" (my name for him, lol!) a few weeks ago, not 100% sure but willing to kinda wait and see. it is ok to not be head over heels right now, right?

i dunno, i think its a matter of both of us holding back some. its kinda like that phenomenon where you find out somebody likes you and you start thinking about it and you start liking that person, ya know? maybe if he had been more overt i woulda responded in kind? i think thats partially it. perhaps its just more of a slow simmer cooking its way up to a boil. either way im gonna wait and see. hes a good guy who has a beret and ninja skillz and he apparently likes me. how often does that come around, right? lol! so yeah, thats the date with raiden.....


  • WooHoo, my good date vibes worked! (Wish I could get them to work on me!)

    By Blogger Cooth, at 10:04 AM  

  • After one date, you shouldn't be able to completely read him. That would be no fun -- the mystery would be gone and you would be bored. After ONE date, you should be willing to "wait and see." You both want to do it again, so that's a good thing, right??

    By Blogger kT, at 11:48 AM  

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