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Friday, March 10, 2006

Dammit, Sometimes Sleeping Dogs Get Up, Grab Their Cell Phones, and Text You...

yep, the sleeper has awakened. i bet pinkys the only one who will get that reference. its dune for yalls not in the know. i let the doggie go, i let him sleep, well, after my infamous "saying my peace" email, but here he is again barkin at my door. garrett has returned. or rather, peeked in.

im chillin at my part-time job after work at like 2am and my phone beeps. its a text message. its a text message from garrett, which i will now quote:

"i cant take it anymore- i just wanted to let u know that i really appreciated your email and i sure hope u dont regret it. thanks for the patience and i look forward to when the time is right. have a good night!"

of course we exchanged a couple texts after this one, but nothing really worth quoting. hmmmm, ok...

ok, so just open up the barrage of criticism now please. i am in no way putting my life on hold for when hes ready, im not holding out any real hope of everything magically working out, and i wont believe it till i literally see it, or rather, see him. so really, i dont see the harm in this text message. all it tells me is that hes been thinking about me and thinking about things. i could be cute and funny and say something boasty like oh yeah baby he gets a taste of the susie and hes hooked or something like that, but ill refrain.

maybe we will when harry met sally, but im so jaded at this point that i dont put much hope in it. and yeah pinky i know you gotta be positive and believe good things will happen, but is it safe to think that way in this case? id like to think that hes sorting his head out after his tour in iraq and hes really being straight with me, but im wary of boys now and thats hard. plus, frankly, im afraid of the wrath of kt. i dont wanna say things like yeah i do believe hes bein straight but hes still getting over iraq because i dont want it to be seen as me makin excuses for him. im not doin that. when push comes to shove hes ultimately either gotta do it or not. or as my sister says, shit or get off the pot. i dunno, people are complicated and life is complicated. but im truckin on.

so yeah, the doggie got up and barked, but i dont think its quite puppy play time just yet. im gonna chill out and maybe find out. hey puppy, *squeek squeek*, ive got a great toy for ya. come fetch!


  • Dude. You can be straight and have your head all messed up by being in a war zone. I get that. Sort of -- in the way that I've never been at war and all.

    All said, though, there's still no excuse for standing someone up twice. Fucking asshat.

    By Blogger kT, at 11:47 AM  

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