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Friday, March 31, 2006

Columbus or Bust

well its already tomorrow now, although still my today, and im going to see raiden in columbus. i decided to make him a batch of cookies. after finally finding some goddamn fucking unsalted butter (sorry for the ranting message i left you on your voicemail btw kt!) i finally finished. i tried a small one and it tasted like cookie. i didnt orgasm, i didnt barf, it was just cookie. somehow i was expecting more from alton brown, but whatever. maybe if i try a big one when im hungry ill get the full effect. anyways, its the gesture, right?? i topped them with hersheys kisses (a little joke about him not kissing me the other night). im so cute you wanna barf, right? yeah, me too.

so yeah, im excited. or at least when im not so tired im excited. im in Like and thats good. hopefully everything will go swimmingly. and hey, its my first second date in ages so thats great. and i know that the whole First Kiss (tm) will most likely go down in columbus. i mean, theres been so much build up after all. i told him he better make sure its good with all this build up its been given on his part. lol! me, i know im a goddamn fine kisser, the albert einstein of kissing, the beatles of kissing, you get the drift yo. he may have survived that parachute incident, but he may not survive my kiss. dear lord let him not be one of those snakey tongue or sloppy spitty or jackhammer tongue kissers, pleeeeaaaase! so yeah, ill of course analyze the kiss right here tomorrow night, stay tuned. im sure youll all lose sleep with all the anticipation. riiiiiight. man, i wish i had a telestrader.....

so yeah, im off to do some girl prep and then off to bed. oh, old navy, yeah i went to old navy. note to any chick who isnt stick thin, dont even think of trying on anything that could be described as "gauze-y." i know the whole peasanty gauze-y thing is in, but seriosuly yo, no. the trip was quite demoralizing and i really only got one girly type shirt. the other two were boys t-shirts. yeah i know, bad habits are hard to break sometimes. so yeah, ill figure something out outfit-wise. but anyways, im tired and i should motor. keep yalls fingers crossed yo bitches.


  • When this season's fashion trends aren't your best friend, Old Navy is not your friend. Sorry it didn't work out, but they suck this season. And last, honestly. Fuck 'em.

    Oh, and any recipe that calls for unsalted butter? NOT worth the effort unless it's supposed to be fancy. Alton's all about the basics anyway.

    May the clothing gods be with you tomorrow. Enjoy the FK.

    By Blogger kT, at 10:35 AM  

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