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Monday, March 20, 2006

17 thoughts I've thought on a Monday

Let me preface this: I didn't get much sleep after getting in so late after the boogie-down session out at the Oar on Saturday, so I was useless yesterday and could have slept three more hours this morning. So if I don't make sense, I blame that.

A. Kudos to Cathy on thinking in limericks in the shower. I understand. I do some of my best thinking in the shower.

B. Today is spring. There is snow on the ground. Our spring picnic had to be held indoors at my kitchen table, but Cathy set her cell phone to surprise us with the Hallelujah chorus at 12:26 pm, the official beginning. We forgot to try the egg trick.

C. Kudos to Susan for the polka dots. I love polka. And dots, though not so much the candy.

D. There were two good songs on Moz's last album. I was disappointed. I will wait for Susan's verdict, plus I'm broke enough that CDs are not on the "to be purchased" list. A lawn mower is.

E. I'm thinking of keeping the crazy oven. It's a nicer appliance than I would ever buy -- a Kitchen Aid toaster oven -- and the one I have is easy to set on fire. Although if you asked my grad school roommates, I just have a knack for setting toasters on fire. I got actual flames going in KK's one time.

F. At least it's sunny on the first day of spring.

G. After the muscle work class tonight, Cathy and I are hot tubbing. And no, don't let all these comments about us make you think we really smurf each other that way. But it's a good joke. She did kiss me on Saturday, but we just discovered that that's entertainment.

H. I added a few links. Cathy thinks Christopher, of My List and Haiku Movie Reviews, is my long-lost twin because we sound a lot alike (and because after discovering the movie reviews, I've been haikuing WAY TOO MUCH.)

I. If anyone can explain the German fascination with David Hasselhoff to me, I'd be much obliged. Personally, I think it's because he gets stuck in your head. But that's just me.

J. I love chicken. It makes a good picnic.

K. My fears are stupid. That was a topic last week on My List. 5 things I fear. I fear moths and driving across bridges when there may be ice. But since I will die by slipping in the bathtub, I can't die by driving off a bridge accidentally. Besides, I know the engineers who make bridges and they calculate normal forces on the guard rails and there's little to no chance that my Civic could breach the concrete. So TR was right: there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Or was that FDR?

L. When you call an office, as a member of the general public, please pause before dialing and figure out what your question is. The public servants of the world will thank you for the effort.

M. I love cake. I have an unholy love of cake lately. I don't need to eat it all the time or anything, but I'm fascinated by the many forms it can take. Cupcakes are perfection -- personal cakes in a handheld size.

N. School is good. Everyone should go for a while. Some of us just go for longer and for more degrees than others think is absolutely necessary. It's like sex though -- if it makes you happy, it can't be that bad (thanks Sheryl).

O. Berets don't do it for me. But I can't make fun of anyone else's fetishes (and yes, I'm using the term loosely).

P. Not everyone can be an astronaut when they grow up.

Q. Wherever you go, there you are.


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