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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Yahoo Dating Fever

ok i am seriously insane. im on some yahoo dating push here. not sure why. guess i better grab the tiger by the tail while the mood strikes me. i went online and emailed some guys and emailed some guys back i never got around to responding to. and then i got messaged by this guy. a french guy. yes hes in atlanta. his name is pascal. very frenchy. ooooh lala!

we chatted for quite some time and he was very funny and nice. nice change of pace. we may be getting coffee this weekend. it will be interesting to go out with a foreigner. havent tried that before. we shall see how it goes. though his body type is very andy-like. tall and skinny. but hes got green eyes and im sure an accent to die for, so that makes up for it. right? lol! he can whisper unintelligible sweet nothings into my ear while smoking and surrendering to the soooo bad! hey i forgot to ask him if he had a beret. i loves me some beret action yo!

and then the marine twin messaged me and then called. we may be doing something this weekend too. busy schedule. chock full of potential mine fields. but im trying to be optimistic. if nothing else i will have more fodder for my book that i havent started to write yet. one of these days, i swear, one of these days.

but i guess i shouldnt complain. its nice that people wanna go out with me. and like i mentioned before, more chances to strike it big! so we shall see how it goes. should be a mixed bag this week. variety, the spice of life. if nothing else im getting out of the house, right? lol!


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