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Sunday, February 12, 2006

V-Day and the Five Rings

Ah. The Olympics. Best thing about the Olympics? I don't live with Susan anymore. So I can more or less ignore the ENTIRE whorish spectacle. And I don't have to hear Bob Costas. At all. I love being in control of the remote.

The Knitting Olympics, though, I can get behind. I have from the bottom of the back piece of my sweater top up through almost the armpit decreases finished -- and we just started on Friday. There is a chance that I could finish this thing on time. I like a challenge.

And to the true meat of the week:

I hate Valentine's Day with a passion normally reserved for things like Wal Mart or Bob Costas' human interest stories or the bullet in the gun of Robert Bjorn. Or Enya. HATE. Do not celebrate, do not do.

Well, I got asked to dinner. By the new guy. And I wasn't graceful enough to bow out quickly and acquiesced. Ugh. I feel bad about this, but really? Even if I liked the V-day celebration? This is a whole lot of pressure for a two week relationship. I did tell him I wasn't much into celebrating, and I hope he got the drift, but.......

Yeah, Susan has theories about me and the Hallmark Holiday, but I'll let her explain them if she feels the need.


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