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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

SWF ISO A Non-Dick With A Dick

jesus christ, nothing in my life is fucking zen is it? im either one extreme or the other and so are half the people in my life. jenni, the lez, is fucking off her fucking rocker. she keeps sending me emails. i already dear jenni-ed her and politely told her what the deal was and she just keeps wanting to know why and wanting to be my friend. no. i owe you no further explanation. me=hetero. i realize that fully now, thank you. i explained that to you. i was even nice about it. give me props for not just houdini-ing the whole thing ok. so far i have gotten no further emails since this afternoon. i emailed her emails to kt and she emailed me a fabulous response email. did you send it kt? it was great. we seriously need to start a business where we write difficult emails for people who cant do it for themselves. very well crafted, to the point, and said exactly what it needed to. fucking genius letter. props yo. so hopefully my lesbian stalker has been dispatched. only i could have a lesbian stalker. jesus christ.

and for more amusement. we now have marine boy. marine as in semper fi not marine as in aquaman, though i always had a thing for aquaman despite him being a blonde, but i digress. he apparently has a twin brother in the army. heres a pic of both of them in uniform.....

jesus christ, talk about a pick up schtick if i ever saw one, twins in uniform in a bar. thats like criminally genius. but i digress again. so he emailed me on my profile and i responded and i have gotten the official email back. he thinks i am "hot." oh wow, seriously deluded. but anyways. so i will email him and see how it goes. hes cute though im wonderin about the edumacation factor. there were some gramatical errors in the email. perhaps im being too picky. you think it would be weird for me to ask him to put on his dress marine uniform before sex? yeah, i thought so. damn.

so whats this with all the military guys lately. im seriously not figuring this out. theres got to be a message here but im not getting it. i know, oprah, i know, somebodys trying to tell me something, but i havent had the lightbulb moment yet. i mean, we're getting into some serious daddy parallels here now with the whole military thing and the emotionaly distant thing. very uncool. but hey if i can bag a sexy killing machine i aint gonna long as hes not a dick. though apparently he must have a dick, as i have recently learned. i of course will keep eveyone updated. what hasnt happened to me that probably will now???


  • Dear Lesbian Never-To-Be Lover letter was sent. This morning.

    You? Need help.

    But if you're having fun, keep on keeping.

    By Blogger kT, at 10:47 AM  

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