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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Stripper Girls vs Hooters Girls (A Male Perspective)

It's surprising that you two decided to give more respect to strippers vice Hooters waitresses. You may want to consider that at many strip clubs, the girls working have the opportunity to engage in prostitution, whether it takes place at the club or outside of it. Also, the men who are paying strippers money are a bit more demanding and aggressive--there is a very real danger of something bad happening to these girls. I would say those facts alone put them immediately below Hooters waitresses, who are indeed hit on ALL THE TIME, but are basically getting paid to look pretty, be nice, and not much else. We used to go for Team Trivia Night all the time when I was at GT and it was an unwritten rule that we had to give at least 30% tip. WHO GETS *30 PERCENT*?!? They don't even have to take their clothes off. I will not argue the relative intellectual capacity of either set of women; in general, it will be lacking. Smarter girls can get better jobs.

Anyhoo, just found it interesting that you guys have a healthy dislike of those fun-lovin', orange-hot-pants-wearin', wing-totin', lusty busty babes :)

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