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Thursday, February 23, 2006

The SO vs Da Club

As far as girls being okay with strip clubs, there are several classes:

A) the girl who won't even let her SO mention any strip club, much less let him go to one, no matter the circumstances
B) the girl who will allow her SO to go to a strip club, but only under the pretense of a bachelor party
C) the girl who will allow her SO to go to a strip club anytime he chooses, so long as returns home to her
D) the girl who goes with her SO to strip clubs, and finally...
E) the girl who goes with her SO to strip clubs and gets more lap dances than he does

Which one are you? Also, what kinds of strip clubs have you been to? Been to any that allow contact? I think you and I might be talking about different classes of clubs...

Enlightened or naive... hmmm... that depends. Were you operating under the false pretense that when your SO went to said club, he did not find any of the women attractive (more to the point, more attractive than YOU)? That would make you naive. To say more, I would have to know what sort of a guy your SO was... people might also say you were naive if you were oblivious to the fact that your SO was the type that would go to a strip club and negotiate for a "happy ending" if the opportunity presented itself.


  • the "happy endings" are not acceptable to me from an SO. I request and require physical fidelity for as long as things last -- for safety and security.

    I expect that men find strippers attractive.

    I have no problem going to a strip club but it's like bowling -- fun occasionally but a steady diet would be dull and uninteresting.

    Susan bought me a dance of sorts once. I didn't know she was going to. I enjoyed it.

    By Blogger kT, at 2:49 PM  

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