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Thursday, February 09, 2006

S to the E to the X

It took me awhile, but I finally found groups of women who openly talked about sex. In my high school experience, the girls I knew wouldn't talk about it at all. Once I did get to listen to girls talking it over, I was always amazed (and often appalled) at the detail they would go into. It's proven fact that men think about sex all the time and that most women that simply walk by us will be mentally undressed and sized up. But in my experience, we don't go into gory detail or swap techniques. Not usually--only if there is something particularly memorable about the experience. It does happen from time to time, however. The majority of it is bragging--comparing numbers, who slept with the hottest girl, how long (in time or dates) did it take to get a girl to give it up, etc.

Let's take your first kiss example: after a first kiss, guys might want to know "how was it?", but they don't care about the details unless there was something particularly interesting (bad or good). They want to know what was attempted, what base was reached, and other items such as "was she as hot naked as we thought?" or "is she a screamer? I bet she's a screamer"

It took me a looooooooong time to understand that there is a clear minority of women who can engage in casual sex. Took me even longer to find one that was interested in me. Funny thing is, I ended up taking that liason more seriously than she did--go figure. And, of course, found out later than she had made friendly with more than a few other men. Again, go figure.

Casual relations can be done without the typical crying and yelling afterward. But both parties have to be of a similar mind-set going into it. More often than not, one likes the other more--wants to make more out of it. That's when the fun starts.


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