Truly Disappointing

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Responde s'il vous plait

Playing the field, man. It's what being single and looking is supposed to be about, right? Gotta love the pussy-whipped man, really. And please, don't conquer the Frenchman. Let him have a little bit of manly pride first or you damn agressive Germans are not getting anywhere of value.

Resistance is futile.

KUDOS, Congratulations, and mazel tov. The moving? Good. The getting of locks changed? AWESOME.

I know it sucks. I know from watching my mom. But I also know that he needs to go and do whatever it is that he needs to go and do. You can't help him now because he doesn't want it. And you've done what you could.

Meanwhile? PAR-TAY.

Come back from the dark side. We need your male levity.

Love Obama. He is intelligent, passionate, and well-spoken. His speech? At the Dem National Convention? Absolutely brilliant. He is not an extremist. But he believes in people. He has some of the best potential for actually doing something in our corrupted system that I can see. He has all the things I liked about Kucinich during the primaries, but with the charisma and poise to be heard. He is worth watching.


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