Truly Disappointing

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Susan, dude, you know I've got your six on this whole army boy thing. It really doesn't matter if I think it's a good or bad idea. You do what you have to do.

Now, if you ask me to try talking you out of future doings, I got that covered, too. Ask Cathy. I get to chastise her about asshat occasionally. I'm good at it.


And hey, I chased Jenni away. I should post her response, but that's not really fair to her -- not my words. I think she's going to back off though. For the record, world, if you're going to become a stalker, don't stalk the cop.

Last but not least:

Cathy and I have a plan. It has many purposes.

Army boy on probation is supposed to show up and make out with Susan this weekend. Next week, he's going to Minnesota. Minnesota is close to us. If Army Boy on Probation fails to show up for said date, the North Dakota posse is crossing state lines to foolishly attempt to kick his militarily-trained ass. I'm good at verbal abuse. Ask Jenni.

We will also eat some Thai food on this odyssey.

Army boy? You have been warned.


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