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Sunday, February 12, 2006

MMMMMM The Olympics

oh thank jesus my internet is back and i managed to get back on with little effort and screaming. sad how my life revolves around this thing sometimes.

anyways, the olympics...

ok, i watched the last couple of days on my tivo. the opening ceremonies frankly blew like most do. is it required to do dumb shit where you highlight the terrain and culture of your country? ok, cultural stuff i can understand, but the dancing (and mooing) cows and trees were a little much for me. and of course the rollerbladers, why do they always use rollerbladers. dude, its not the starlight express, ok? that show doesnt even tour anymore, let the rollerbaldes go. but i do have to say that the actual lighting of the flame was cool. one of the best ive seen. theres no need for these tough oh am i gonna make it stunts to light the flame. oh and a question, why were they playing american disco music during the parade of nations? i was befuddled by that one.

so, the drama has already begun. michelle kwan, cunts already out. ow my groin hurts. go fuck yourself you fucking choker. you woulda fucked it up anyways. and theres a sexy texan speedskater whos gettin gold. that was a nice moment on the 13th anniversary of his grandmom's death. that always happens doesnt it, anniversarys of deaths etc on the day of the critical race. isnt it great how the drama just comes all built in like that? lol! still there havent been enough human interest/overcoming adversity stories for me yet. shucks.....

as for pascal, the french guy i went on a date with, he was nice, but the attraction just wasnt there. he was very sorta nerd. he wore a sweatshirt from his dojo. and he seems a little less high speed so to speak than id prefer. he just emailed me about last night and wants to go out again. ah, i can even charm the french, who knew? lol!

oh theres been a crash, a skier is down! and it looks like the defending gold medalist was taken out in the crash...oh my!!!

so yeah, pascal, i dont think i wanna go out again. the whole different culture thing as interest has worn off. he reminded me slightly of andy in his socialization. and he was skinny too. oh well, date wasnt horrible, just not fabulous.

as for dave the vet tech guy, we were supposed to go out again tonight but i havent heard hide nor hair from him. oh well, maybe im getting houdinied again. alas, theres more interesed boys out there vying for my attention. theres gregory the design guy and preston the possible hippy. these are the newest guys in the scene. ill explain the possible hippy comment later.

well anyways, i feel lazy today so im gonna snuggle in with my pussies and watch me some 'lympic action yo. ah the agony of defeat!


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