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Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Mind of the Modern Gal

ok greys anatomy, great show for precisely the reason kt mentioned, character development. me and i think most women love character driven shows. we dont need bombs or car chases we need people we can relate to. we are social beings by nature and we are drawn to similar situations. and greys anatomy is great because the characters arent completely cookie cutter and they show a modicum of diversity. they arent stupid people, theyre human. they dont go for the easy laughs on the laugh track and they deal with real people shit. and damn if i dont love love love sandra oh. shes the bizzomb behind lisa loeb. ok, maybe equal to lisa but in a different way.

and yeah, as kt said, mcdreamy does not get a pass. hes an ass but they make us feel about him what meredith does and thats conflicted. hes cute and mcdreamy but hes an ass (and a typical guy if you ask me, but i digress). he is ball-less and a fucker and needs to shit or get off the pot, but the thing is, most people are just like him. and many women are just like meredith. i mean shit, we've all found ourselves in those situations where we know better but just cant help ourselves. thats how i was with garrett. i hate shows that show characters making such easy choices out of real life hard choices, it aint realistic.

but of course it being entertainment there is that element of fiction and show-ness. but overall its still a good enough show to draw me in and keep me there. another show like that is related. pinky, seriously, check out related on the wb on mondays. cute show. higher calibre than most of those dumb-coms out there.

and heres my soapbox moment, if yall havent seen battlestar galactica yet youre fucking losers!!! its hands down one of the best dramas on tv. dont dismiss it because its sci fi. its more poly sci, classical philosophy, and human drama than anything. it deals with issues such as abortion, cloning, the black market, and torture during wartime. its one of the best crafted and timely shows out there. and theres hot people, but thats just the cherry on top. seriously, check it out please. you are missing out.

ok, now an update on pascal the french guy. emailed him and told him no dice, but in a friendly way. he typed back and said he agreed, but would be up for other friend activities. well thats nice. no messy bullshit.

was typing hot and heavy with another dude, gregory the graphic designer, but he seems to have houdinied lately. go fig.

as for marine twin, he seems like hes a little below my maturity level. im writing him off. no longer interested after a dumb IM i had with him the other night.

and finally, dave the vet tech. things seem to be going ok there. he suggested the punchline for sunday but theres gonna be a hypnotist. um, NO. i refuse. i friggin hate hypnotists. they are seriously not funny to me. sorry, but they arent. theyre like mimes...not funny. we've continued to email and turns out he was of the same mind as me during our last date...he wanted to make out (to use high school terms) but because our cars were parked in different places it just didnt come about. thats kinda nice to know he was interested in checking out my kiss action. though i have to say now that ill be pins and needles on the next date because ill know its coming. nerveracking i tell ya! lol! so now i need to come up with another activity. any suggestions? ill keep yall posted.

and dammit, kt, wheres the vday brad update post! come on! im dyin here yo! i wont be available for the phone until friday. pins and needles.

oh, finally, before i forget, got an email from A my asshole ex-bf aka the doggie abandoner. he reassured me he wasnt gonna just dump hudson off at the pound or human society or into the wild. he said hed take care of him until he can find someone who loves him as much as he does. if thats true then im much less concerned now than before. i am still gonna try hard to find him a good new home.

soooooo if anybody knows anybody, please lemme know! hudson is a great doggie who deserves a great home!


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