Truly Disappointing

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Ja, don't make the man angry. I've not seen it, just heard, but apparently? Anger makes you somewhat self-destructive.

I've been thinking lately about how it is that people come into your life. I've moved a lot. When I filled out my mortgage paperwork, I had to list all my addresses for the past 10 years. I've had 10, three states. Three regions of the country. I have friends I rarely see, but people who I still consider part of my life. Pinky's one of them. I haven't seen him in person since --- 2000? I think?

Pinky and I met on possibly the weirdest worst date ever -- and it wasn't ours. Susan had a little sister first-year who was DESPERATE to meet guys immediately upon entering college. Would now be a good time to mention that we went to a WOMEN'S COLLEGE? B was interesting. She surfed websites at GT until she found a guy she liked, chatted with him, and then wanted to meet. I think they met on our campus, first, but she was planning to meet him after our fall formal dance -- just somewhere downtown. So we decided, in the interest of safety, to not let her go alone. So her roommate, me, my little sister J, and I head off with B to meet this dude. Who apparently didn't want to come alone, either, so he brought a friend too.

And so we met rolling our eyes across a table of beignets while my little sister chattered on and on and on and on about NOTHING. And he's been part of my life ever since.

I met Susan orientation weekend during college. We bonded over her first psycho roommate, who thought we all hated her because she was a lesbian. No, she was a bitch, and that was the problem. And then there was KC. With the anger issues and the jungle warfare in the form of overhumidification of the dorm room. And the dairy issues. She had combat boots. I don't know why we spent so much time together, we just did. We clicked. We lived together for two very rocky years, didn't speak often for the next two, and now things are all good.

I met Cathy over "adversity," too. Someone we fondly know as Charm School. She owns naughty librarian shoes, is overly cheerful, and is a psychotic control freak. We were collectively shunned and started going out for tequila. And discovered we had things in common -- mostly a bitchy and bizarre sense of humor and a love for random musical numbers in movies. Things have grown from there.

I still don't know Daniel, which I think is highly a shame. Life could be richer with more people like you all in the world.

(and no, despite the sap I'm not buying anyone a damn coke)


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