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Friday, February 03, 2006

magically delicious.

Today is D-day for the offspring (Cathy's).

Tomorrow is D-day (do or die day) for Army Boy (Susan's).

I don't know what's up with Daniel. But he's a D so maybe Sunday is his day?

And I won't be here to witness it. And I am The Unconnected (no cell phone). So I will be digging out the trusty calling card for use.

This afternoon, I am off to a Union conference. I've been a union member since 1999 when I was a graduate teaching fellow. AFT local out in Eugene. We're AFT affiliated here, too. I had fantastic health insurance in grad school, which rocked, since I got paid $535 a month after taxes. Student loans cover many things, but not health insurance.

I know that unions get a bad rap in some circles. Any power can be abused. But the corporate power is abused constantly and without the strength of numbers, we have no recourse against it. Our corporations are moving overseas for cheaper labor. America is becoming a service-based economy, which would be great except that that destroys our export market (especially in value-added goods) and leaves us utterly dependent on foreign products.

The globalization of the economy is, as a whole, a good thing -- to a degree. We are all interconnected -- butterfly wings and hurricaines and all of that. But the increasing distance between the consumer and the producer and the source of raw materials IS a problem. Local economies need to be strengthened from the ground up -- the value of the laborer needs to be prized as much as the value of the goods she produces.

I'm off to get vist my stylist. Need less hair with more shape.


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