Truly Disappointing

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Jai was right AND Lisa is not me.

I finally saw some of Lisa Loeb's new show (which, for the record, would make anyone feel less awkward about their own dating mishaps). I saw the episode with Jai Rodriguez, who is everywhere right now, where he talks about cat people and dog people. Lisa is looking for a dog guy.

I am cat people. I seek cat people.

I need someone whose heart is not on his sleeve. I need a self-sufficient, occasionally self-obsessed person who needs alone time and gives me time alone, too. And sometimes, I want to cuddle. But not always and not constantly.

I like my own space. I own a house and don't want to move and don't want someone to move in with me. I like my schedule, which allows downtime and time with other people. I don't want to spend every minute of every day with someone -- but I do want to look forward to the time I do choose to spend with someone who is special. And I mean that of friends, too.


  • Good luck finding that in a long-term relationship. I would have liked to have had that which you describe, but I never entered into a relationship with a girl that felt that way. Typically, that's the guy's job :) Anyway, if you do get it, you'll have to let me know how that works out for you.

    By Blogger Pinky, at 1:57 PM  

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